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Paper范文:About art education 2018-03-26

今天Fanessay分享一篇paper范文--About art education,本篇文章讲的内容是关于艺术教育方面的,可以供同学们了解下。就个体来说,艺术教育是教育生活幸福的前提,是提升个体素质和能力的途径。一个人如果缺乏艺术教育的话,就会缺少艺术思维,就只能凭单一的理性思维的模式去思考和行动了,对世界的任何事物的把握,自然都是无法能完整的,缺乏艺术教育的话,也会缺乏艺术的视角,生命的有限和自我的局限,是要和宇宙时空的无垠和世间的名利去抗衡的,这样自然就很难感觉到幸福了。

Why is the right, true art education so striking? We think this is primarily related to the "bonding" function of art. Art is not only the lubricant of mechanical boring life, but also the adhesive of education life. In essence, education is supposed to be integrated, but because of the rapid growth of knowledge, it is necessary to improve the learning efficiency, which gradually has a branch. This division also results in the fragmentation of education as a whole. The existence of the arts, education: life into a harmonious whole, make learning easier, good life, let your life in the learning process of high strength, does not seem nervous and busy, but still with ease and grace.

This bonding takes place in day-to-day learning. It's like a day of recess, whether it's a song or a dance, it's an art education, and a wonderful connection between one class and another. As in a few days, weeks of a course of study, in the beginning and end of each course, we use art to present the writing course of life, also is a course with another wonderful coupling between classes. In all of the ordinary days between each public holidays, or is created according to the requirements of schools and classes "festival", will shine brilliantly in every festival at the same time, the light in each ordinary days, each day by organically link for an education whole...

At the same time, the high level of mental excitement and concentration can cause people to neglect their physical exhaustion. But after all, human beings are flesh and blood. After the high intensity of study, the body will feel tired, and naturally they will become tired of learning. However, because art is mainly the right of use of thinking learning other subjects using left brain more, so, through art education not only exercise the brain, also got sufficient rest, let the left brain injection passion again for a new round of learning.

It is worth noting that we here art education, not only refers to the education of the arts, such as art, music and other arts subjects, also referring to implement artistic education in other disciplines, such as mathematics, chemistry, etc. As a teacher in math tells the amazing graphics structure, show the wonderful combination of molecules in chemistry class, also can make the teaching lively and interesting, will be more or less have the same effect.

Family education is a kind of stealthingness, soundless, omni-directional education.

Family education to daily life, however, as the carrier, the reality of living in both cumulative education breadth and intensity, the trifling messy and constantly scour, cutting depth and height of the education.

Art comes from life and higher than life, consciously to carry out art education in the family, therefore, first of all, can let everyday life become poetic, so that the family member's life, eventually as the poet holderlin's praise: "full of merits and accomplishments, however person poetic flavour ground lives on the earth."

At the same time, if the center of education of the school must be placed on the teaching of knowledge, then education of moral personality is the biggest goal of family education. Art, as the crystallization of the beautiful emotions and visual wisdom of human beings, can directly shock and shock the mind. Education through art education can avoid empty preaching and make education more active and enjoyable. Thus, art education can maximize advantages and strengths of family education, to avoid the disadvantages and weaknesses of family education, so as to build up a better education and strengthen the education of community.

In society, especially in the urbanization and globalization of post-industrial society, the physical distance between people more and more close, however, from the spiritual level, more and more choices to make people more and more by different pursuit, different careers, different preferences, and even different income standards such as cutting and kidnapping, become more and more isolated individuals.

"Education is conducive to a cohesive society," says American scholar abeliz. Art education make people not only understand the art itself, but more cognition and understanding of the social culture, spirit and value behind the art, so attached to the art of culture, spirit, value is easier to get vivid and widespread recognition, will make people have a common discourse, social culture and spirit, value, thus forming a strong social cohesion. In other words, if all citizens know about their art and culture, the society will be more easy to form a consensus, will improve the cultural quality of citizens, their contribution to the society will be more big, social cohesion will be stronger. From this perspective, education also has the function of improving national quality, building a harmonious society and building spiritual home.

Art, on the other hand, is always an innovator and a trendsetter, standing above every age. Through art education, therefore, we can understand the forefront of social and cultural ideological trend, keep up with the pace of The Times, with the aid of artistic thinking mode and art unique interpretation paradigm, shock stale old social ideas, make original interpretation, in a more profound level comprehensive grasp the essence of things, to renew the idea, the innovation thought, with a new vision and new ways, to find and transform the world, promote social progress. In this way, the whole society has an artistic spirit, which not only gets the complete happiness of the individual, but also from the individual to everyone, and finally achieves the complete happiness of the whole society.

Social culture and national culture are too crowd gathered after the creation of spiritual wealth, social culture reflected from the space, more is revealed in the same time for the rich in the spiritual life of a group with different; And the national culture is reflected more from time, is a progressive demonstration of a group spiritual life of crystallization and continuation.

As a result, art and art education are naturally linked with national and national culture. Art and art education, in the interaction of the two, together promote the aesthetic taste of a nation, forging the soul of a nation's culture.

Through the art education, the audience's artistic taste has been improved, urging and encouraging the creators to create better works; The creation of a better work of art by the creator with the spirit of the individual embodies the thinking of The Times, which in itself influences people and improves people's artistic taste. If both of them are combined to accept the time of the panning, a nation will continue to inherit and surpass, and let itself innovate and work together to create.

Therefore, we emphasize that on education, we should insist on diversification and nationalization. This seeming contradiction is precisely the two sides of a coin.

When we think of the individual as a drop of water, to the stream of the group; When we think of art education as a river, it is integrated into the ocean of education; When we think of the Chinese nation as a river, it is integrated into the seas of all peoples of the world. When we think of the national culture as a river, to the world civilization of the sea; When we think of man as a river, we melt into the sea of living things; When we think of the earth as a river, into the ocean of the universe; When we see the present as a river, into the boundless ocean... In any such analogy, we can find the value and meaning of everything in the words of lu xun, "only the people, the world."

All in all, in art education, we end up with another perspective, a detached dimension, and we therefore look to the stars of the human spirit equally.

For human beings, the value of clear art education often begins with the re-analysis of the three words "truth, goodness and beauty". "True, good and beautiful", these three standards basically transcend national, national and cultural barriers, and are universally applicable evaluation standards. "True" means the knowledge of necessity, such as science and truth, to solve the problem of "what"; "Good" refers to the category of moral and religious belief, and solves the problem of "how to do"; "Beauty" refers to the fields of art, humanity, emotion and aesthetics, etc., to solve the problem of "how to".

"True, good, beautiful", like three lamps, shining on the human progress. If "true" is the first pole of the world, "good" is the second pole, then "beauty" is the third pole of the world. If science is to use a common language to reveal different world, morality and religion is to use a common language to reveal the common world, then, art is different language reveals the human nature world. To the pursuit of beauty, kindness and truth, and not only is the way of mankind to realize self, and in science, religion and faith for pursuing goodness, beauty through art, is summarized in the development of all mankind to pursue truth, effective way. Therefore, art is the third eye of mankind to see the world, which is one of the great values of art.

"It is not the absence of beauty in the world, but the lack of eyes that find beauty." Once people learned to use the eyes to see the world of art, will use this eye naturally searches daily life, in contrast, personal growth, to find yourself in the heart, get rich in the spirit, for equality in life, to live in the life.

Entered the information age, in the industrial society's big background, the development of civilization led to the explosion of knowledge, social demand for industry increasingly detailed division of labor, all this influence even to a great extent, determines the course of the education. These effects have both advantages and disadvantages. Many favorable aspects, such as "for class", changed in one thousand to study mode, may even change the future choice of talent, from the diploma and degree change to look at the course completion and professional qualification. , of course, the downside is very much also, put a major knowledge and skills, such as perceptual intuitive, heavy rational logic light aesthetic emotion, cultivated person we see skill advanced but emotional indifference, personality distorted situation, is a kind of physical and mental imbalance of one person. "The way we feel about human life directly is the art form."

Therefore, today's people's desire for art further highlights the value of art. Art education, which is again in this new height, and more brilliant. The people who are illuminated by art, no matter how different the composition of their knowledge, how great the difference in their profession, how wide the social hierarchy is, and the equality of all men in the face of art. All life will be reunified and reintegrated because of art, so that it will be bright and happy again. Art is another key to opening the world, another great value of art. This key, we can call it artistic thinking.

With the rapid development of science, man's understanding of everything is becoming more and more clear, and more and more people are learning and mastering in their childhood. This knowledge is basically ordered, accurate, linear, logically, because of the results, and from time to time. Through the study of these knowledge, children gradually grasp the world rationally, and the thinking is gradually trained to be rational thinking.

If science is external, it is to distinguish everything with all kinds of tools. The art is obviously internal, to sense the world with its own intuition and to grasp the world with its own experience. The world is three-dimensional and multidimensional; It is material and spiritual. Science and morality alone cannot give a full picture of the world. Marx has divided mankind into two kinds of grasp of the world, one is material mastery, one is spiritual mastery. The former refers to the production of labor practices, the latter refers to the practice of art. This kind of spiritual mastery is different from material mastery. It does not recognize the world by constructing a scientific knowledge system, but by appealing to the intuitive and intuitive abilities of human beings to gain mastery of the world. Instead of relying on the necessary logical structure to grasp the world, we rely on the sensibility, namely the beauty of the eyes and the ear of music to gain recognition of the world. Therefore, in the perspective of artistic thinking, the world presented to people is perceptible, rich, elastic and tensile.

There is no doubt that science and art both inside and outside to common development, let both from the poles to the middle finally meet in balance, is the ideal mode of thinking, to a more complete understanding of the world.

In real life, along with the development of rational thinking, often can have the artistic thinking of killing, it is no wonder that Picasso would send such a sigh: "when I was in a small painting like rafael, but I want to draw all his life like a child." Why is that? The reason is simple: art is the product of the artist emotion sweep spewing, is through the intuitive experience in product, this kind of process, to the younger children, more is the natural state of survival. But for adults, they need to break through the shackles before they can return to themselves.

In recent years, with the development of brain neurocognitive science, the value of education has been further explored. Brain science in the second half of the 20th century also found that art was for long term education. If we focus only on test scores with higher scores, and the tests only focus on math and language skills, the art is clearly at a disadvantage. If we ask for a result in a short time, the art will do nothing. The arts develop a nervous system that requires long-term accumulation to develop. However, once the advantages emerge, they will be all over the place, from fine motor skills to creativity and even emotional balance. Why does this work? We believe that the main cause is the training of artistic thinking. Artistic thinking just like the chaos of the bridge, it establish irrational connection between things, many can be especially deep perception is indescribable things, can borrow from it, convenient moment. We can even assert that almost all of the scientists who made brilliant achievements in ancient and modern times are not very artistic people. For example, Einstein's infatuation with music and literature has become a popular saying. "Everyone should think like an artist," as Betty Sue Edwards, a PhD student in American art, has called for.

In short, in the process of human development and social progress, education plays an irreplaceable important role. It can be said that it is the moral standard of a generation that does not attach importance to moral education. It is the cognitive level of a generation that does not value intellectual education; It is the physical health of a generation that does not value sports; It is the spirit, imagination and creativity of a nation that affects the spiritual world of a generation. The absence of imagination and creativity is hard to compensate for.