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Essay范文:Journalism education in the United States 2018-04-12
下面是Fanessay提供的一篇essay范文--Journalism education in the United States,这篇文章主要讨论了美国方面的新闻学教育。很多美国的大学中,都设有新闻学这一专业。由于全球化时代和媒介融合的来临,美国的各所大学对于新闻学这一专业做出了重大变革,无论是在教育方向还是课程设置都发生了很大的改变。除了继承通识教育模式外,美国的新闻学专业更加注重媒介融合教育,具有实践经验的教师培养等等,主要的目的在于能够培养更多适应媒介融合时代的人才。

In the United States, education is quite popular, and many schools in the United States have a major in journalism or journalism. With the advent of the era of media convergence and globalisation, the American college of news or journalism from the direction of the curriculum, the education of journalism education system for the great revolution and construction. In addition to continue to follow the traditional pattern of general education, American journalism education is education attaches great importance to the media fusion, pay attention to have practical experience of teacher training, training, emphasis on practice and application of journalism education has become increasingly international, its purpose is to training to adapt to the era of media convergence news talents.

In order to more fully illustrate this, this article selects the school of journalism, Columbia University, school of journalism, stony brook university, university of st. cloud communication and journalism, university of north Alabama lines in journalism, university of Pacific lines in journalism and five different profile, such as the college or journalism as the analysis and the research sample, in order to avoid biased.

American journalism education usually adopt journalism and society, the humanities and interdisciplinary teaching and curriculum mode, in cultivating students' professional skills at the same time, pay attention to broaden students' horizons, attaches great importance to the education medium fusion. With the change of digital technology to information transmission, society has never needed a journalism graduate with independent thinking ability and good media integration training. In recent years, American journalism education with media convergence era pace, seize development trend, opened a lot of new media integration of professional course, or join a lot of media convergence in the traditional journalism education education courses, has increased a lot for the medium fusion hardware devices and multimedia classroom teaching.

The Columbia journalism school has more than 10 professional news organizations, and students have plenty of opportunities to communicate with on-the-job journalists. In recent years, Columbia University has also started a digital news Tow Center, and has begun awarding a dual master's degree in computer science and journalism. Columbia University journalism school believes that it has been committed to the innovation and evolution of education to multimedia and media convergence.

Stony Brook University school of journalism education courses opened a lot of attention to media mergence, television reports and editing, TV production, advanced reporting/writing/radio, senior editor and narrative, performance/network, advanced digital audio news, news laboratory digital photography, online journalism, etc., the course aims to develop the students' ability of writing and traditional and multimedia application integration. In order to cultivate news people who are able to adapt to the Future of media in the dynamic, the school of journalism of shixi university has built the Newsroom of Future multimedia professional classroom equipped with the latest digital technology. The so-called "future editorial office", including collection, text editing, audio equipment, such as video clips, and use a set of computer software to connect the journalists, news compiled delivery of data integration. Many courses at shixi university are completed in this "future editorial department". All required of journalism school at stony brook university students were required to broadcast, print, online news, such as courses, and learn how to use multimedia platform and model for thinking and working, and in the last year to focus on the study and application of a certain kind of media.

University of north Alabama lines established the broadcast news, and the integration of communication, media, publishing and online journalism, radio and television and interactive media such as major research direction, can be seen from these major setting for the media fusion attaches great importance to education.

There are many differences between the United States and China in the concept of education, one of which is reflected in the requirements of the teacher's background. Chinese news education mostly requires teachers to have a high degree. While the United States values education, it values teachers' professional experience, especially in the era of media convergence. According to the relevant information provided by the website of the school of journalism of shixi university, there are 28 teachers in the school of journalism of shixi university, including two teachers with doctoral degrees, and 7% of all teachers. 27 teachers with media experience, accounting for 96%; There are 10 part-time teachers from the media industry, accounting for 36%. Can be seen from the above figures, in this era of media convergence, the United States is considered a "teacher's practical experience, school of journalism is not disdainful of teachers' educational background and degrees, it was very different with Chinese journalism education. Education, a Chinese journalism school, attaches great importance to education and degree, and sees the doctoral degree as a passport to work in various journalism schools, which has led to various errors in the construction of education system in Chinese journalism.

Journalism schools at Columbia University's faculty members are all from all areas of talent, won various awards including the journalist, columnist, writer, editor, documentary filmmaker, and experts in the field of digital media. These faculty members are fully equipped with rich experience and independent thinking skills, and are fully qualified for the professional teaching and support for the development of students.

In recent years, American journalism schools have recruited many teachers with rich experience in new media fields, working with traditional journalism faculty to train new journalists. Even the original journalism faculty is moving closer to media convergence. When the department of communication at the American Pacific university recruited faculty in 2010, it found that more than 90 percent of the resumes sent by applicants were new media.

American journalism education very emphasis on practice and application of the training, as a result, a lot of journalism graduates can directly enter the newspapers, publishing, radio, television and other business, or to enter entertainment, multimedia, advertising, public relations, foreign affairs and cultural exchange, etc. In ivy league university, school of journalism, Columbia University is the only have the graduate school is one of the institute of the national and the world's top news, Pulitzer prize is by the Columbia journalism school of the main evaluation. University school of journalism in both transmission, on the basis of theory teaching, emphasis on news practice training, elite talent, committed to develop the press its graduates have the most practical skills, don't need a lot of on-the-job training, can solve important problems in the U.S. media made her very popular. News, of course, the school graduate school entrance requirements are very strict, it does not consider the applicant's language scores, the applicant will take part in the school sets up tests, such as allowing applicants to write like the New York times editorial, and even allow graduate students to news work instead of graduation thesis, it attaches great importance to the practice.

American news education has begun to pay attention to the development of students' practical ability in the teaching process. Stony brook university school of journalism to combine classroom teaching and practice teaching, the "future editorial" professional multimedia classroom provides good practice platform for students, most of the course will give students in news gathering and editing of the time, it's hard to tell which course is the classroom teaching, which is the practice teaching. Also, the professional class basically adopt small-class teaching, teachers have more ample time to guide every student, so it ensures that each student within the limited class hour quickly enhance the practical ability, can achieve in class begin training of practice education mode. At the same time, almost all of the school of journalism, stony brook university faculty members have rich experience, the dean of Howard, a former New York City, long island Newsday editorial director of 18 years and in his office, the paper has 8 people won the Pulitzer prize; The vice President, Marcy, has worked on CBS for 30 years as senior vice President of CBS news. Other full-time or part-time faculty members also have rich experience. Such teacher ratio guarantees the practice level of news teaching.