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Essay范文:The influence of interior design on environmental art 2018-04-16
下面是Fanessay提供的一篇essay范文--The influence of interior design on environmental art,这篇文章主要讨论的是环境艺术受室内设计的影响。室内设计,它是一个极其复杂的过程,然而在现在,室内设计需要把环境艺术一起结合进来,是很大的一个重点,它不仅需要设计者要具备一定程度的审美和设计功底,而且还需要综合起来去解决一系列其他问题,比如环境氛围这种要求。室内设计是室内环境设计意境的重要方法,设计师需要通过渲染周围环境,把居住者的理解和审美给连接在一起。

Interior art design is a complicated and tedious process, want to combine environmental art, interior design is the key to the design of indoor environment art and requires the designer with considerable aesthetic ability and good design skills, but also need to be integrated to solve the use function and environment requirements. As the key means of interior design, our designers should combine the aesthetic perception and understanding of the inhabitants by rendering the environment. Use the image of space environment to rely on a certain feeling of dweller, create a kind of artistic conception beauty of space.

The development of each industry requires a heavy cultivation of soil, especially the technology-related disciplines serving the public. The development of the later strength comes from the general public concern and recognition. Public understanding and identification will greatly affect the development of the industry. Indoor environment art education needs the multi-purpose of talent cultivation, and it is an important way to improve the public quality and public recognition. Therefore, the development of the industry inevitably requires the expansion of education scale. At the same time, the growth of professional development and practitioners will inevitably lead to the refinement of social division of labor, and also derive different research directions and fields. And this kind of development also merges the related subject content of architecture, urban planning, landscape and so on. The environmental art design gradually divides into the interior design and the landscape design two main body specialized research direction. The system of environmental art education also evolved. Indoor environment increasingly mature art during this period, the education is no longer a single level focus on functionality, people-oriented, ecology, but incorporates interdisciplinary talents, to seek the origin of art education and overall development.

The overall indoor environment is the general impression that the indoor environment presents to people. The space of different function and nature should have different character content, namely have certain personality characteristic. The space of different personality characteristic can let people produce different impression, if lively, solemn, elegant and so on. In the indoor environment design practice, the space type is complex and changeable, from the whole to the part to every detail, can form a certain atmosphere or influence the atmosphere's tendency and the space personality. In the design practice, designers should think about positioning in terms of the nature, use, use object and marketing strategy of space, so as to create the environment atmosphere of different feelings.

Indoor environment on the aesthetic level requirement is for the creation of interior meaning, its performance for indoor environment in the material and spiritual two aspects of the impact of people, through psychological can realize two-way communication, and the people on indoor environmental awareness and environmental effects on people, and the design is in a particular language to contribute to this table righteousness. Therefore, the interior environment designer should consider the functional requirements while considering the functional requirements. The artistic expression of indoor environment design refers to the two attributes of the connotation form when organizing and shaping space: one is the inner meaning and the other is the explicit way. The inner meaning is to show the aesthetic feeling through the overall indoor environment, indoor environment psychological perception and indoor artistic conception. The explicit mode refers to the use of the formal beauty law of a moderate, balanced, metrical, harmonious, through the form of explicit way to present the aesthetic feeling.

Interior decoration and practical besides satisfy the requirement of aesthetic feeling, also need to ensure it has reasonable and efficient basic characteristic. Along with the improvement of science and technology level, the designer to apply advanced technology to the interior decoration, such as in the previous measurement of surveying and mapping, the use of computer technology to realize this can accurately understand the interior space size, offers a reliable basis for the subsequent design. In the process of design, designers should combine science and art together, and can integrate different cultures in the process of concrete design. Because the representation of interior design is a kind of beauty, so if the introduction of the culture in the process of design concept, will inevitably bring a feeling of profound culture, on the basis of innovation, blend in residents living habits, the personalized to show the basic features. What's more, you should also pay attention to the color matching. Every link of interior design should maintain rationality, let habitant understand stylist's true idea. Interior design in the process, should be comprehensive consideration of the environment, culture and other factors, can't stick to traditional design concept and method, not copying other design method and mode, otherwise the same design is bound to arouse people's antipathy.

Innovation is one of the themes of social development, and colleges and universities focus on cultivating students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability, laying the foundation for China's construction to become an entrepreneurial power. Innovation comes from life, and higher than life, we make full use of innovative thinking, draw the outline of the building outline of belong to us, at the same time, we also have to learn to cultivate good at discovering the surrounding beauty habits, make full use of existing resources. For example, we can remodel abandoned car tyres. Can first on the tire surface bound the cloth of all sorts of color, then set up a metal support frame under the tires, firmly support it up, then will tire into a big cushion, such a disused tires became available for people on leisure chairs. Or: we can use the broken walnuts on the tarmac, covered with a layer of soft sand, and it's effect, the decoration and unique when people walking on the above, will feel the comfortable, reach the purpose of foot massage. There are a lot of similar perfect designs that need to be found to be innovative.

In conclusion, in the process of realizing indoor environmental art design, it is necessary to pay more attention to the aesthetic level and style of the owner. Therefore, no matter what the design status is, it will be more and more important for consumers' aesthetic needs in the future development process, and will cater to their aesthetic standards as the premise of development.