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Paper范文:How to build official media 2018-04-16

下面是Fanessay提供的一篇paper范文--How to build official media,这篇文章主要讨论的是官方自媒体应该如何去打造。自媒体它是互联网时代的一种新媒体传播形式,它的出现具有适应性和合理性。在现在,我们应该多多少少主动地去了解,认识这种新的传播方式,并且推进媒体融合,从而打造出官方自媒体。它的成功出现需要多个平台联合,积极主动,在各个渠道融合进权威的声音,从而推进官方自媒体的打造。

Since the rise of the media is closely related to the development of network technology, it is impossible to appear in the media without the platform.

First of all, Internet technology enables the decentralization of communication and gives everyone an equal voice. Once upon a time the mode of transmission information relative to a single, central type and is transmitted, limited transmission of media in fixed time fixed content, only a few people can speak through the mass media, in order to gain the attention of people. But the Internet has given everyone a microphone, and all people can make their voices heard on the Internet platform and get people's attention.

Second, the vast amount of information on the Internet gives the media the opportunity to find a niche audience. We can see that now many media are developing audience in a specific vertical layers, such as finance, news, travel, food, cosmetic, games, sports and so on, this is from the perspective of the propagation mode of past hard, especially small, all the spheres of the number of less difficult to form scale effect. But in the Internet age, the emergence of massive users, solved the problem, as long as it can hold a small part of the population segment, the media will be able to form a large audience via the Internet, to form scale effect.

Although the Internet gives everyone the opportunity to voice, but that doesn't mean success, every since the media has a numerous followers from media regardless of the content and form have to hold the audience's needs.

First, personalize expression, become opinion leader. In the age of information explosion, it is not easy to gain a foothold in cyberspace. Successful since the media is often in a particular spheres of high-value, provide accurate content for specific target groups, and enhance their own personalized expression, in this way become a particular spheres of opinion leaders, so as to accumulate a large number of followers.

Secondly, fragmentation propagation, filling the scattered time. Mobile Internet era, people can get information by mobile terminal anytime and anywhere, but time will not be too long, the high frequency of use, filling fragmentation time gap to the media. They tend to fill people's fragmented time with short, concise content.

Undoubtedly, the massive influx of capital has provided a powerful impetus for the rapid development of the media, and it has pushed the media to the investment outlets, bringing the rapid improvement and development of the industry.

First of all, capital promotes mature media IP. Accumulated under the intervention of capital, some early popularity since the media quickly IP transition, formed a personal brand, behind this is team planning, packaging,, interactive operation, business development and so on. The injection of capital has led to a more professional and systematic development of the media.

Secondly, some early grow up since the media has begun to act as the role of investors, such as xiao-bo wu and Luo Zhenyu, they rise in new support their favourite brand of the media, forming the new media alliance.

Xi jinping in February 2014, the general secretary in chaired a meeting of the central leading group for network security and information when first meeting pointed out: "to do a good job of online public opinion is a long-term task, to innovate to improve online publicity, using the network dissemination rule, to carry forward the melody and stimulate positive energy, greatly cultivate and practice the socialist core values, a good grasp of online public opinion guide, degree and effect, make network space clear." Traditional media actively use the Internet platform, will need to spread the content from the official from the media channels transmitted to a wider audience, this is the need of new era public opinion propaganda work, is also facing the spread of the Internet era of positive response.

Credibility is the biggest advantage of traditional media. Nowadays, with the rapid development of Internet, people's access to information is no longer completely dependent on traditional media, but the demand for authoritative information still relies on traditional media. In layman's terms, information in the media doesn't make one hundred percent of the trust, the credibility of traditional media is cannot be replaced by new media, a lot of nasty, some major public opinion events, the public most want to see is still hear the authority of the traditional media news.

So in the cacophony of the online world, traditional media must use their own advantages, to build since the official media, dissemination of authoritative information, not grandstanding for the sake of publicity at the same time, in order to rob limitation and without verification.

To create a new media matrix, the official media must be promoted in a multi-platform way, with a positive voice, integrating authoritative mainstream voice with all kinds of emerging communication channels.

The most basic configuration is the "two micro end", which is the official WeChat, official weibo and mobile client. This is now almost standard for all traditional media. "Two micro end" in realizing the function of information release at the same time, more interactive and presents the way more diverse, it also can be achieved through the analysis of large data to customize and push function.

Outside the basic configuration, the traditional media should also actively promote its reporter, editor, name of the host to operate on new media platform, through the media platform to create related, such as weibo, micro letter is social media platforms, litchi, Himalayan is an audio platform, Chinese prickly ash, reflected the guest is live platform, the racquet, trill is video content sharing platform, multiple combination using these transmission platform, can be as much as possible in the middle of the multi-platform linkage to expand influence and propagation force. These media, related to personal than official "two micro end", will be more character display space, take the opportunity of subdivided the crowd is more, and more innovation, they can be around the official "two micro end", jointly build the traditional media, new media matrix, forming a powerful influence.

Building official media must be targeted. If the past do "instead of" mass communication, the Internet will do "small but beautiful" spread, through the Internet looking for niche crowd demand, for the spread of content, specific areas such as politics, sports, food, tourism, entertainment and other content, realize accurate delivery, which is beneficial to improve the user viscosity, grasp certain people. And a specific group of people, eventually can converge into a large audience group.

To build official self-media, we must have product awareness and IP awareness. Product or IP must have its distinctive style tags, on the basis of the content is king, is seeking to conform to the personalized expression of the audience to accept habit, only in this way can entirely new, leave a mark in the billions of Internet information. At the same time, we should be good at using our advantages to extend or interpret all kinds of hot events on the Internet, and operate our own IP image.

Building an official self-media is not one that can be accomplished by one person, and it requires coordination and coordination.

Must first have the right content providers, at this point, the traditional media have first-mover advantage, the accumulation of years make many journalists, editors, famous host, to fully arouse the enthusiasm of their investment into the construction of new media platforms. After getting used to the language and expression habits of new media, they are expected to gain a foothold in the media operation.

Second, must have a team, the formation of an IP is not fight alone, you can do, and a front and behind, there must be a team responsible for planning, packaging, IP operation, interaction and product development, and so on.

Finally, there is a need for innovation in institutional safeguards. How to break the barrier of resource integration, how to open the channel of talent use, how to design relevant incentive policies, how to provide the training and learning mechanism, are the problems that need to be solved.

To sum up, we can find that there is rationality in the emergence of the media, and they have grasped the transmission law and audience demand in the development environment of new media. From the point of view of traditional media, for the media should have a correct understanding, turbidity Yang qing, take its essence, our advantage, now is the time to should promote the journalists, editors, host to the new media platform to operate, and tries to build up the official media, occupy the main position of Internet propaganda.