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Assignment范文:The spread of French 2018-04-16
下面是Fanessay提供的一篇assignment范文--The spread of French,下面这篇文章主要讨论的是法语的传播。现在,世界上虽然使用法语的人不多。可是,除了英语,法语就是世界上传播范围最大,使用国家最多的一种语言。为什么法语的传播范围如此之广呢?这与它当年的殖民扩张脱不了关系,殖民扩张,使法语在很大程度上得到了传播,法国的资产阶级民主主义革命和法国历来的文化也与传播有很大的关系。

Although the overall number of French speakers is small, French is the most widely used language in the world, except English. In addition to France, it is the official language of more than 30 other countries and the lingua franca of more than a dozen other countries, so it is considered the second largest language in the world.

As a widely used language in international communication, French recognised by many international organizations and is used as the official language, including the United Nations, the European Union, the international Olympic committee, etc. In terms of writing, French has its own unique advantages. Many important international documents are written in French as the first language.

Why, then, do French have such a special international status? Because it has a strong language “competitiveness”. And why is it so competitive? After the author summarized that it can be divided into two categories, the intrinsic value and external conditions to analysis, the intrinsic value that French itself have intrinsic attributes and characteristics, external conditions are now position can lead to the development of French gradually and all kinds of external environment and promoting factors.

Each language is composed of three elements — grammar, vocabulary and speech, and the combination of these three elements forms the unique structural value of language. Its strict, rich and elegant features make it different from the usual “words”, charming, and have a prominent place in international communication and use.

First, French has a precise and precise grammatical structure. This structural value makes French the official language of many international organizations and institutions and is used to write important documents. Its characteristics are mainly derived from the precise and strict rules of linguistic order and law, as well as the precise delineation and division of work in terms of lexical types. In this way, the statement is clear and orderly, without ambiguity and ambiguity.

Second, French has a rich and varied vocabulary. This is mainly due to the excellent plasticity of its basic vocabulary and its strong derivation, which can extend its rich and varied meanings in different sentence contexts. Like product processing, a highly plastic material, processed by different production processes, can eventually be molded into a variety of products. This trait makes the French vocabulary seem small but vast, with a single but varied surface.

Communicative value belongs to the common value of language, that is, the use, expression and communication value of language. Any language has its social value. However, once the environment and scope are changed, the value of communication in different languages will be reflected.

From the perspective of geographical distribution and use, the dozens of countries that use French are widely distributed in the five continents of the world, and the world has a wide range of French. In international communication, French is one of the most important and widespread languages in the world. A third of United Nations representatives spoke in French at the meeting, and the French language is widely used, second only to English, and its communication value is not low.

Language is the carrier of culture. Culture is the solid foundation of language. Language and culture complement each other. Since ancient times, the French have recorded their history in French, recorded the development of the nation, and recorded all outstanding achievements of the French civilization. While using the language, people can interpret the rich national culture behind her.

French was able to spread widely in the world, and its history of colonial expansion has a lot to do, also with the role of France in the bourgeois democratic revolution and the brilliant culture created by the French history. From the beginning of the 17th century to the first colonial empire of France, to the second colonial empire after the Napoleonic wars, French colonization spread across the five continents of the world. Colonialism gave language a powerful force that allowed French to spread widely in these colonies. Until today, although the British colonized many colonies, meantime more colonies gained independence, long effect produced by French is can’t change, now there are still a large part of the former French colonies in the use of French. This is the most important historical factor in the geographical distribution of French today.

Above has said that many countries in the world and important international organizations will be French second in importance as the official and common language of English, in addition, it is more the working language in international judicial institutions, sometimes its action even in English. Therefore, the use of French is very high in international exchanges and cooperation, such as political exchanges, economic cooperation and trade consultation.

Undoubtedly, the above policies and measures of the French government have greatly strengthened the international status of French and effectively promoted the spread of French and enhanced the competitiveness of French.