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Paper范文:Why Safari than Chrome 2018-04-16
下面是Fanessay提供的一篇paper范文--Why Safari than Chrome,以下这篇文章主要讨论的是史蒂夫·乔布斯在2003年发布了Safari。可是,有一个东西开发比Safari晚,可是它却赶超了Safari,它就是Chrome。Chrome在2008年开始,它的市场份额就提升至25%,然而Safari的市场份额一直在5%-8%之间。外界认为Safari是IOS系统,而Chrome是Windows操作系统,所以Chrome发展前途比Safari更有发展前景,可是在2007年,Safari发布了Windows测试版,而Chrome比它晚了一年时间。

Safari is released by Steve Jobs at the Macworld Conference in 2003, nine years later, in 2008 developed Chrome with less than Safari half the time to far to Safari thrown in the back, which makes Safari feel then. Chrome's market share from 0% in 2008 to start the development to 25%, while Apple's Safari seems to have been hovering at between 5% -8%.

The two major browsers are based on Apple's layout engine Webkit stands to reason that Safari is the dominant, since both the operating system's default browser, many people use on the way, too lazy to download another browser.

With OS X Lion release, it seems Safari rebirth, Safari is the default browser, such third-party software like Chrome To start the more difficult, Safari also supports more features, such as multi-touch, Reading the List (can be synchronized between iOS and OS X Lion), these are the competitors do not possess, but a few months past the Safari growth is still slow, and only increased with Mac sold.

And the boom of mobile devices should also let Safari market share increase fishes, but the facts indicate no noticeable growth Safari market share, Chrome, Android, and mobile devices without any contact browser but rapid development. Why?

Because of Windows?
Many people may think that this is not simply Chrome running on Windows operating system, while Safari most of the time for Apple's own system, Windows VS OS X which use crowd? Obviously the former Chrome course than Safari hair really fast, but, in fact, Safari than Chrome earlier landing Windows.

In June 2007, Safari for Windows Beta version has been released, the official version was released in March 2008, while Chrome was released in September 2008, Chrome using only a year's time than Safari.

Since it is not Window reasons, then what is it?

Because of the speed?
Large number Benchmark tests show that Chrome regardless of the aspect of the page opens JavaScript performance, fastest speed.

However, when Safari released Windows version when the test result is the same, whether on a Mac or PC test time is the fastest, if only because of the speed, then Safari in June 2007 should like chrome in September 2008.

Because the plug?
Is Chrome wins in the plug? Perhaps, but Safari when in mid-2010 has also been many plug-ins, of course, Chrome plugin quality is better and more abundant, enough Safari lagging behind Chrome developers would probably have been the game implantation Chrome Moreover, Firefox Esen implanted in Chrome and Safari plug-in, is not lost to Chrome?

One reason: Safari with them uncomfortable, Google promotion to the force
A lot of people complain about Safari for Windows is annoying, and used that actual performance between Firefox and IE, despite the great test results, and the latest version of Apple Safari 5.1 continues angered everyone. In addition, Safari and iTunes bound for some time, the more reason to get a lot of market share, but it seems a lot of people to download it but not use it.

The other side, the browser, Google done a lot of publicity, occasional Chrome let you download.

The second reason: unique features
Frankly, I am also the Chrome fans, Chrome's many performance is Safari do not possess. The important point is that the the Chrome new design "New Tab", more visual, users can more easily manage the application, the most visited sites. Provides the most visited sites in the function bar on the bottom of the page, the application of small labels, clicks between two pages, switching, other browsers do not have it unique Office.