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Paper范文:Transformation of broadcasting and television technology under big data 2018-04-17

下面是Fanessay提供的一篇paper范文--Transformation of broadcasting and television technology under big data,下面这篇文章主要讨论的是在大数据的背景下广播电视技术的转型。目前,广播电视企业需要面临改革,因为信息技术和科学技术迅速发展,企业应该抓住在大数据下的机遇,努力让企业进行变革,适应新时代要求,而且应该注意观众的需求,征求观众的意见,在观众需求的基础上进行改革创新。

The rapid development of computer technology for the broadcast and TV industry into the era of big data laid a solid foundation, big data refers to the use of computer technology in a wide range of processing data information, in a certain time range of using digital technology to capture the useful part, and carries on the analysis. The formation of information data mainly goes through four steps, as shown in figure 1.

The acquisition of information refers to obtaining the desired information in a large number of data and conducting a simple basic analysis. Information import means to make the data in case of large data into data processing platform, the platform must handle ability, processing range, so as to realize the rapid processing of data. The analysis and statistics of information refers to the use of distributed computing cluster or distributed database to carry out effective statistical analysis of the collected data. The mining process does not have strict procedures and procedures, but only USES the existing data information to calculate, and thus predicts the results, to achieve a higher level of data analysis.

On the first hand, it is an inevitable trend to adapt to social and economic development. Nowadays, information updating is fast, how to realize effective identification information, and obtaining valid data is crucial to broadcast and TV work. Now network television to radio and television technology impact strength is great, we can from the calendar year gala data as shown in figure 2, see ratings of a continuing decrease trend of radio and television, radio and television market situation is not optimistic in our country. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend to strengthen the transformation of radio and television technology.

In the second aspect, the transformation of radio and television technology can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. The reform of radio and television technology is a necessary means for enterprises in the era of big data. Nowadays, the application market of big data is gradually increasing, as shown in figure 3, which has grown from 320 million yuan in 2011 to 10.1 billion yuan in 2016, so it can be seen in the market demand. Therefore, it is necessary for enterprises to make technological transformation to improve their comprehensive strength. Radio and television technology not only change the enterprise technology transformation model, also changed the way the development of the enterprise, to strengthen the competitiveness of the enterprises, and long-term development of the enterprise has a important role in promoting.

In the era of big data, users can use Internet technology to search for the information of their favorite TV network, which can be entertained through the Internet. But lack of obvious of radio and television to do, when users open the radio and television, found the broadcast, you don't like the content of the subconscious will turn off the TV, radio and television in the position of the market is more and more small. Radio and television technology already cannot satisfy people's needs, it has a certain delay sex in information collection, resulting in the loss of audience in severe cases, in the face of all the audience is unable to provide personalized service, and lack of novelty on the content, the serious influence the development of radio and television.

In the process of radio and television technology transformation, the scope of information acquisition should be expanded. Mainly from two aspects, one is in terms of user evaluation system, through the establishment of user evaluation system, strengthen the communication between the with the audience, the audience response analysis, discuss the problem and the advice of the listening audience, so as to help realize own broadcast television sound development; The second is the comprehensive collection of live broadcasting. First should optimize its own radio and television signal transmission quality, at the same time also need to users to analyze the specific data on demand situation, on-demand records can fully reflect the audience's favorite preference, for the adjustment of broadcast TV in terms of reference to have more detailed data.

Improving data collection means not only improving the accuracy of collecting data, but also carrying out technical reform. Nowadays, most radio and television operators are able to collect the data of massive and whole network through the automatic transmission mode of the set-top box. So on the one hand, can avoid to a certain extent due to sampling bias, sample the calculation method of pollution or not science caused a series of ratings credibility problem, can also greatly improve the credibility of the basic viewing index data.

Television broadcast on the editorial way to improve not only need to use advanced science and technology, but also USES the means of analytical techniques for data analysis, integration, mining the data in value, so as to realize the improvement of collection. Radio and television set-top box can also be as enterprise data center, a new transformation, in the use of set-top box automatically returned form passes the user information, to ensure the reliability and reality of receiving data, as viewing index, analysis of the user's preferences, with specific transformation.

In the era of big data, to radio and television must fully realize the necessity of the transformation of technology transformation, and through expanding the scope of the information collection, improved data acquisition methods, as well as reform measures such as perfecting the editorial way. In this way, radio and television enterprises can better utilize the opportunities brought by big data, realize the scientific and sustainable development of enterprises, and create a new chapter in the field of radio and television in China.