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Essay范文:About library interior color design 2018-05-11

下面是Fanessay提供的一篇essay范文--About library interior color design,本篇文章讲述的内容是关于图书馆室内色彩设计方面的,可以供大家了解下。在人的脑海里的第一种的感觉,那就是色彩的一个冲击了,通过这个视觉效果会给人一个不同的一种感觉。图书馆是个拥有各种功能复合的综合性的建筑,有着多样的功能、空间也丰富,各种空间会有色彩也有着不同的要求。以前的传统图书馆建筑舍内的色彩大部分是灰白色调,空间都是偏冷色调,缺乏种人性化的关怀。现今“以人为本”的设计理念思想逐渐受到了重视,冰冷的空间已经适应不了新时代的要求了。

The library is a comprehensive building with various functions, rich in space and various functions, and various Spaces have different requirements for colors. Traditional library building interior colors are mostly gray and white, the whole space is cold, and lack of humanistic care. As the "people-oriented" design idea is taken seriously increasingly, the cold space already can not adapt to the requirements of the new era, how to solve good humanized design of library building indoor all sorts of color space is this article discusses the content.

Color is the first feeling of stimulation formed in the brain, through visual impact on people in different ways, have very strong color sense of subjective factors, different colors can give a person different psychological feeling. How to solve the humanized color design of library space, we first need to understand the visual characteristics of color?

Due to the daily life of human beings, the surface color of external objects can give people a warm feeling, such as red, yellow, orange and other colors can give people warm feelings and arouse people's excitement and enthusiasm; And blue, green, green and so on color can give a person with cold feeling, restrain excitement, make a person mood calm quiet. In the design of indoor environment, the environment needs to be created according to the space environment, and the appropriate choice of warm and warm colors.

Color lightness and determines the weight of the color purity, lightness, the higher purity is, the more light, such as yellow, light green, the heavier the opposite appears as dark blue, deep purple, indoors color choice can choose according to the need of the indoor environment.

And brightness of color changes in temperature will produce forward and regressive sex, make the color in the face forward or backward on the vision, to illustrate the degrees generally high color warm color presents forward features, color with low lightness cool color presents a regressive features, in the interior design is to use these color changing space and the size of the high and low.

On the size of the objects in the visual besides affected by itself in the shape of, also is affected by the color, warm color with taller lightness objects due to the effect of diffusion of the color looks more real, and cool color with low lightness color of the contraction will look smaller than the actual object. Therefore, we can use color to change the scale of objects, so that the size of furniture and decorations can be adjusted to the scale of interior space, and the relationship between indoor and outdoor space can be coordinated.

Know the color of the above features, the library when undertaking decorating or furniture choice can according to the different space characteristic of the reasonable choice of the color needed in order to achieve the best visual effect, create a comfortable reading environment for readers, the library service for readers of more human.

The basic function of the library, including stacks, editorial processing, administrative office, the cashier directory, adult reading, children's reading, reading newspapers, hallway, management and so on, these rooms due to the function different, the service object is different, for indoor environment color requirement is not the same. In general, these Spaces can be divided into four categories: the first is the library space, although some books can be opened for the reader to borrow, but the collection of books is the main function; The second is viewing space, mainly for readers borrow books study after study, the third class is a public space, is mainly refers to the hall, corridor, the cashier directory, such as space, office space is the fourth class, including the administrative office, management, editing and occupancy. The space demand for color each are not identical, some space need quiet and simple but elegant, some need warmth, when making color choice to undertake choosing according to different space characteristics and conditions of use.

The library space is one of the most important space in the library, which mainly plays the role of storing books. General space is larger, the height is high, but due to the dense arrangement of the shelf space feel more cramped, dark inside, so easy to cause depressing feeling to the person, so on the colors can be used in a brighter color, in addition to make the space feels more open, on the whole coloring can consider large metope USES shallow warm color department, if cream-colored, using the dispersion characteristics of warm color, make interior space is more capacious, light also can give a person with a quiet feeling. In order to increase the height of the interior feeling, can use white at the top of the wall, to minimize the high purity of primary colors such as red, yellow, blue, etc of the large area is used, to avoid any interior constraint chaotic space to experience. Indoor color when allocating should pay attention to the harmonious unification, in principle, the main color should not exceed 3 kinds, if there are local metope light is darker, can adorn the color with taller lightness appropriate to highlight them. In a word, should make the library space form a harmonious whole, choose the color that can give a person with harmonious, relaxed feeling as far as possible.

The entrance and hall are the main public space of the library, which is the first impression to readers. In this case, we should fully consider the readers' psychological feelings, so that readers can enter the pavilion with fresh and pleasant mood. The main color of the space is gentle and warm, with eye-catching and warm colors to the readers with a relaxed and enthusiastic visual effect, attracting them to the library to study. Can adopt the color of partial purity, as the guide sign use, can use these striking color to increase the guide, have the interior space color environment. Such as hebei, a university library in the entrance design did not consider the effect of color psychology to the person, use black granite ground, metope USES white, USES the grey metal ceiling board, the space feels relatively cold, although USES white metope, but because of poor black ground reflection sex makes the hallway light gray, not lead readers into the well. Appropriately modified, such as in terms of color will changed surface color ceramic tile of shallow rice yellow, metope USES warm yellow or pale green, plasterboard ceiling with white, the other local with a lightness of high purity pure color guide sign, the entire hall space will achieve a better effect.

The reading room is the space that the reader USES the longest time, to its interior color requirement also is highest. If the color is too monotonous, there will be a feeling of depressing and depressing, which will make the reader feel tired or even lonely. It is easy to arouse lively emotions, but it is not conducive to readers' reading. Therefore, color coordination and collocation is very important. In addition, this kind of space should not only consider the readers' psychological feelings but also pay attention to their physiological feelings -- that is, there is sufficient brightness space environment when reading. At present, the color of the reading room is mainly white, and the color is monotonous and lacks vitality and affinity. It should be considered when making color selection.

Administrative office, processing, management and so on these rooms belong to office space, these space should consider modern office habit when making indoor color choice and give consideration to the characteristic of library. The museum office space should be quiet and subdued color, can make staff office, focus on general coloring shallow depth, can be used as above half USES white, lower use light grey, using lower deep colorific weight feeling, make the environment feel quiet, smooth. Of course, the choice of color also needs to be coordinated according to the overall style of the museum and indoor furnishings.

Color is the essence of humanized design of library space is reflected in the design of the user's concern, the user's experience in the first place, according to the characteristics of the user's needs and space reasonable match colors, looking for corresponding color, create a corresponding morphological structure, and on this basis, from the Angle of human nature to improve and improve the mental function of space, realize the harmony between users and the library.