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Assignment范文:Australian TAFE 2018-05-11

今天Fanessay分享了一篇assignment范文--Australian TAFE,本篇文章内容阐述的内容是关于教学模式方面的,可以供大家了解下。每个学校和地方都有属于自己的教学模式,澳大利亚的教学模式就和四TAFE,这是技术与继续教育的缩写,是指澳大利啊呀的公立技术与继续教育学院。澳大利亚技术和继续教育体系是终生教育的理念,也是澳大利亚提供职业教育培训的主体。对于澳大利亚TAFE,是以市场的需要和就业作为导向的,这个融合了技术教育和继续教育作为一体的,是结合了学历教育和岗位培训的,采用的也是容理论实践为一体的任务驱动教学模式,教学的方法也多样化和灵活。

Australia's technical education originated in the 1870 s, but until the 1970 s the candy unwilling to report to determine the broad sense of vocational training department's identity, which became TAFE college. The camgan report also advocates no threshold for TAFE and encourages private sector and community participation.

Australian TAFE is an abbreviation for technology and continued education, which refers to Australian public technology and continues education. Australian technology and continuing education system based on education concept for life is the main body of education training in Australia. Our country in the modern vocational education system construction plan of the interpretation of modern vocational education is the service of economic and social development needs, geared to the needs of economic and social development and the production line, cultivate talented workers and technical skills and promote sustainable professional development of the labor force education type ", is an important part of the whole education system. In other words, professional education is for everyone who needs some kind of skill.

The Australian government has set up TAFE college to provide off-job training for traditional apprentices, but now its services have been extended to all ages and all categories of professional education projects. In 1995, Australia reorganized TAFE college under the market framework. At present, more than 1, 000 across the campus is located in Australia, many colleges in the asia-pacific region and other overseas areas provide remote education service, that become Australia TAFE college in Australia network category, most of the largest higher education department. Australian technology and the dean of continuing education committee is the highest institution of the national institute of TAFE, 58 public represents Australia TAFE at the university of technology and school of continuing education, and some subordinate colleges and Australia - Pacific institute of technology.

Australian technology and the dean of continuing education commission was established in 1998, the main duty is to advocate quality skills in Australia, the management of a series of international education and cooperation of other college training program. The TAFE college in Australia is a public high professional education and professional education training institute. Most of its funds come from the state government, and most of the government's vocational training funds are transferred to the public TAFE college.

And, of course, in addition to TAFE college, there are other forms, profit or non-profit national approbatory vocational education and training institutions, such as private vocational education and training provider has been eligible to apply for registered training organization identity and public college of TAFE, training to compete the public funds. Many companies have also set up their own training institutions to train their employees.

The national certified VET is completed and evaluated by a registered training institution under the aussie quality training framework. These registered training institutions must meet the quality standards set by the Australian quality training framework and the daily laws and regulations applicable to all enterprises. The registered training institution has its own approved registration scope, which stipulates that the registered institution can assess and certify the qualification and professional competence category if it meets the competency standards. The registration and certification bodies of the state governments shall implement the rules and regulations of the registration training organization. Due to the early start of education in Australia, its system and training system are relatively perfect. There were more than 4,000 RTO vocational training institutions in Australia in 2007. These institutions carrying out for the national economic development of Australia, transmission technology talents and the important task of the labor force, as China's "modern vocational education system construction plan" points out: "with the development of new industrialization and the development of science and technology, modern vocational education system is more and more become an important support of national competitiveness."

Many colleges and universities in our country attaches great importance to Australia TAFE education mode, such as the Australian VET courses as an important way of improving teachers' professional quality, through the airport with Australian VET training institutions in class to train their teachers. TAE is a part of Australia's TAFE, which is an essential qualification for teaching professional teachers in Australia. This vocational training provides teachers with a window to study and study the education system and education method in Australia.

With the market demand and employment as the orientation, the technology education is integrated with education, and the education background education is combined with the post training. Australia TAFE curriculum based on national vocational qualification standards, using industry association to develop the training package, for the Australian Labour market and on-the-job personnel to continue education, vocational training provided meet the requirements of the industry standardization, standardization, modular curriculum content. In training and assessment level 4 certification training, for example, demand for trainer ability training target, training objects, training content, industry standards, evaluation index to make a detailed description and stipulations. The content of the training package covers all walks of life, specific and specific. For example, the training object is the drug salesperson, which can find the content of the training, the training requirements and the assessment indicators for the trainer in the corresponding training package.

The teaching mode of task-driven teaching is flexible and diversified. Task driven teaching mode by setting can stimulate students learning initiative and interest, teaching the knowledge and skills in the form of "task" issued to the student, teachers of students according to the specific task goal, task, content, task requirements, through their own practice to complete the "mission" operation, so that the students master the skill. This scene is closely related to the students' future career skills. The students are the main body of the task, the teacher plays the leading role.