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Paper范文:The color and space 2018-05-24

Fanessay下面给大家整理了一篇paper范文--THe color and space,本篇文章阐述的内容是关于色彩与空间方面的,可以供大家了解下。在整体的舍内设计中,室内色彩设计便是其中的一个部分,这并不是一个抽象的概念,是真实与空间里的光线、肌理和材料所紧密的结合在一起的,这样能够起到协调空间、界面和材料等之间的关系,以此能达到舒适、美观并且是符合空间功能与审美的作用。室内色彩设计灵活多变,并且又节约资源,因为这些特性逐渐被设计师们所关注,也成为了时常调用的一种手段了。

The color is flexible and changeable and the characteristic that saves resources, become the method that often is used in interior design now. But the overall success of the color scheme in interior design is only a handful. To understand the many properties of color and to apply it flexibly to design has become a research topic. This paper discusses the relationship between space function, space scale and color, and tries to find more effective color scheme to make interior color design more successful.

Interior color design is part of the overall interior design. It is not an abstract concept, but it is actually with the light in the space, material and skin texture together, can rise the coordinate space, materials, and the relationship between the elements such as interface, in order to achieve a comfortable, beautiful and conform to the space function and aesthetic function. The interior color design is one of the means to be called frequently by designers and owners because of its flexible and resourceful overall characteristics. Since it is a means, it is a success or failure. This paper tries to find the relationship between color and space, so as to find ways to better use color in space.

For example, the living room has the function of meeting guest or family entertainment: the bedroom has the function that is used for rest; And the study has the function that is used to learn and cultivate sentiment. Different space functions give the environment that is not used, such as activity or comfort, ease or solemnity, kindness or modesty, etc. When the space function meets the color, its atmosphere will be shown by the color dripping.

We know that color itself has language. If red, it is enthusiastic, impetuous, powerful color representative. This color is very active in the stimulation of the human retina, which can improve the muscle function and promote blood circulation. Because of such characteristics, red is often used to express vitality, enthusiasm, enthusiasm and warmth. And then there's the other side of the red that is used to express warnings, dangers, bans, fire prevention and so on. While green reminds people of the information such as spring and life, which conveys the message of refreshing, ideal, hope and growth. When a color takes up a large portion of a space, the atmosphere of space is conveyed to people in space by color.

However, the relationship between color and space function is not only a one-to-one relationship, but also the sublimation of space function in this relationship. The ultimate goal of interior design is to make both material and spiritual more enjoyable. In this way, we must understand the way people perceive the environment, so as to achieve the value of the application of color in space. This cognitive way is begin with the body's senses, sensory systems of the body by humans from the surrounding environment of information collection and processing, resulting in a psychological reaction, to complete the whole process of cognition. In this process, the person's feeling, perception, cognition, emotion, memory, imagination, thinking and psychological process is each person face produces psychological response to a specific space environment, which will produce the perceived indoor environment evaluation, such as beauty, novelty, comfort, fear, etc. Color can play a good role in guiding and stimulating the whole psychological process. For example, the green of life and hope will become vivid and ideal after the process of psychological process. However, it will also be influenced by people of different ages, gender, occupations, beliefs, nationalities and regions. Thus, the relationship between color and spatial function becomes complicated. This requires comprehensive, systematic and targeted analysis, and finally makes a reasonable color scheme.

Practical experience tells us that colors can be divided into forward and backward colors. According to the statistics, the car with the most traffic accidents each year is blue, followed by green, gray, white, red and black, etc. Because the blue car is visually misleading, it makes the car look farther away than it actually is. Again, on the same position of the two pieces of different colors of highway billboards, is a piece of red, another is blue, we will feel farther from me some blue, and red more recently, in fact, two billboard is the same distance from us. These facts all reflect the color is a forward color and a backward fading. Because of the characteristic of color, we can use it to adjust the spatial scale relation. Such as the long and narrow corridor became more spacious, it can be parallel to our line of sight of the opposite surface coating to color, make us on the visual illusion, closer to the opposite wall and the distance from us so as to make the corridor looks become wider. Conversely, if the space feels too short and shallow, then we can apply the opposite wall of the wall to fade, to increase the vertical distance of the space.

The effect of color on space scale also is reflected in influence space scope. Between color and color, because of the different hue, lightness, made the color itself is diversiform, in same space to each other, have the effect of the well differentiate space, such as in a large space with two or more than enough contrast color piece, large space will be immediately partition, forming different and relatively independent space. This technique is often used in monotonous and large space processing to make the space rich. Conversely, in smaller and crowded Spaces, we can't use too many color blocks to break the continuity of space in order to make the space look bigger and bigger. This is how to apply the independence of color to adjust the spatial scale.

In short, the properties of color on the properties of the properties make its application in the space scale magic. But the application of good and bad depends on our understanding of color attributes and the accumulation of continuous practical experience.