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Paper范文:About Indicative symbol 2018-06-06

今天Fanessay分享一篇paper范文--About Indicative symbol,本篇文章讨论的内容是有关指示型符号方面的,可以供大家了解下。有关于指示型符号,是指和所指之间所存在的逻辑上的因果关系的符号语言。对于其中的因果关系,则定义成“引起”和“被引起”,两者都缺一不可,这也组成了某种现象,而导致这种现象的可能原因过程就是逻辑推理了。它最显著的特征是它内在的逻辑性,这也意味着指示型符号的存在不是没有意义的。

Instructions though symbol as an architectural symbol, but indicates the application of symbol are not limited to construction field, indicating type symbols in the field of interior design also has brought the new direction and thinking. As a highly interactive space with people, the design of commercial space in collision with indicative symbols is also worthy of our analysis and taste.

Indicative symbols refer to the symbolic language that can refer to the logical causal relationship between the signified and the signified. In the field of philosophy, the causality is defined as "cause" and "cause", one to make up some kind of phenomenon, and look for causes of possible reasons for this phenomenon is the process of logical reasoning. In the life, the example that indicative type symbol appears most often is the window indicated daylighting function, and the door indicated the function that entered.

The most prominent feature of the demonstrative symbol is its inherent logic, which means that the existence of the demonstrative symbol is not random and meaningless. Telltale signs of another characteristic is that its elements, indicating type symbols of causality determines its need two elements, namely above "cause" and "cause". For example, the BEST store chain, designed by the us SITE environmental design team in 1977, has an entrance design that fully expresses the characteristics of indicative symbols. Entrance to this concept when caveman era as a removable mobile device object appeared, designer emphasized in the design of the dynamic characteristics of the original entry as well as the human body measure comparative. Designers use this method to indicate the logical relationship between people, history and scale.

Indicative symbol is the most obscure symbol in architectural symbol, which is integrated with life and design. The significance and value of demonstrative symbols are mainly reflected in their service to human life. Meanwhile, humans have a dependency on demonstrative symbols, which are ubiquitous and hidden in the intangible. The existence of indicative symbols also inspires people's logical thinking all the time, serving human life and hiding in human life. The appearance of indicative symbols will also bring more interactivity and logic to space design.

Commercial space from the broad sense refers to all commercial activity related space form, from the narrow sense to commercial space to understand what we need in commercial activity space for the society, namely to provide reasonable space environment for Commodity Exchange, circulation of commodities. Indicating type symbols in the larger population flow, covers an area of a larger space is indispensable, indicating the use of the symbol can also give commercial space of people, objects and reasonable partition of the space plays a good role. The application of demonstrative symbols in commercial space is mainly divided into three aspects, namely, referential function, hinting function and guiding function.

Conceptually, the term refers to the substitution of abstract concepts for concrete things. The most typical example of deictic notation is the door ring. Knocker in ancient China, besides is a symbol of status and hierarchy also includes a knock, by sending voice rings hit the door as we say modern doorbell, which makes "knocking" this behavior has been deliberately reinforcement. Refer to role in commercial space is mainly manifested in the adornment of some specific language, due to the particularity of commercial space, the designer for the abstract form has a special pursuit, aims to build the modern commercial space and sense of science and technology. In the detail design of specific functions, in order to pursue the novelty of form, new form is usually adopted to omit and replace the traditional form. In the design of whole and interior space is mainly used in the language of linear, different with the traditional linear language is the language of the space using the linear extended to smallpox and elevation of the space, using abstract language to shed column design, breaking the existence of the pillars of the original model, but the conceptual language refers to the functional language, thus achieve to refer to.

The implication is to achieve the purpose of instruction by using implicit language or by creating atmosphere. The implication of indicative symbols in commercial space is mainly manifested in spatial division, spatial functional implication and directional implication.

In the commercial space of interior design, the open space on the way of dividing often use the corresponding methods of heaven and earth, through the role of the echo of smallpox and ground to the space integration and different from other nearby space, strengthening the regional space. This approach provides a new way of thinking for space division, breaking through the original rigid division of the solid wall, breaking the real is empty. This kind of treatment gimmick appears in the space with more lively form mostly, change in irregular circumstance to become whole. There are two main types of heaven and earth correspondence, one is the correspondence between heaven and earth in a single space, and the other is the correspondence between heaven and earth in multiple Spaces. The pillars of the whole space is mainly around the square, the use of the smallpox of round and round the spelling a flower on the ground of the corresponding way to area divided into clear boundary, namely around the pillars round area and outside area, this is a single space corresponding to the heaven and earth. Pattern of whole and interior space is bigger, so the designer will rest space, the space is divided into multiple monomers on the technique of dividing, use the technique of multiple space corresponding to the heaven and earth, the space for each part clear boundaries suggested that multiple independent round rest space.

Nowadays, color has already broken through the original decorative function in the interior design of commercial space, and it is more of a combination with hints. That is especially embodied in traffic space suggested, a growing number of commercial space design by using exaggerated colors to distinguish the traffic space and other space, on the impact of visual effect, reach the role of suggested. Color is bright white, whole space overall dimensional administrative levels is not outstanding, including the coaming of stair is adopted exaggeration thick black, this is the use of color space function cues, also reached the divisional space function role, this kind of technique in the commercial space of indoor appear frequently, also to the overall business space atmosphere rendering helped effect.

Generally speaking, the relative area of commercial space is larger than other Spaces, so it requires special attention in indicating the direction and direction of people flow. The most commonly used technique in interior design of commercial space is to design the lighting environment skillfully. Considering people phototaxis and visual tracking is scientific, commercial lighting design in the space by the change of the form or arrangement, reach the role of directional suggests, a flow in large space differentiation and guiding role. There are many applications in the design of linear or linear lights. This is the lobby of a commercial space design in the lobby space on the smallpox of design adopted the strip lights, lights around the lobby atrium configuration, on the basis of the guarantee basic lighting toward abortion and the direction of the space also have the effect of the hint, instruction flow direction and the direction of traffic space arrangement. This not only makes the space of the front desk of the hall stand out, but also makes the moving line of the stream of people clearer.

Guiding function refers to the use of familiar images, graphics and words to achieve attention, warning and guidance. Its usual form of expression is embodied in the commercial space on the toilet, parking lot, escape door, safety exit and so on. On the use of images, graphics and text, more emphasis on coordinated with integral atmosphere of the commercial space, on the basis of the traditional form to deformation and design, emphasis on commercial space indoor style, highlight the entire space environment from the details of emotions and thoughts. Whole space span large storey height is higher, and the designers in the design on the use of exaggeration enlarged font placed in each floor to the next, to guide people toward each floor, all the information to the viewer can clearly when I was standing in a layer of interpretation, further guide the viewer to achieve accurate destination. , the designers use font sizes will calendar information, the direction of information, as well as the destination information to combine, the existence of the information the original pattern, on the premise of coordinated with integral atmosphere, more use instructions information you need to type symbols transmitted to the viewer, and then play the role of guidance.

Directions from the symbol itself, symbol as a kind of logical design of formal language is not only confined to the commercial space design, its existence has brought its overall design environment are a rational guidance. In the design process, designers often follow the traditional practice for the intuitive visual effect, which will undoubtedly make the space lack of change and thinking. Symbols in a metaphor, which is instructed by modest image appeared in the design form, enrich the expression form and bring more possibilities to interior space design, the active space environment at the same time also brings to people in a environment interactive thinking.

From the point of time history, from the earliest human philosophy began to look at their logical thinking, has been to this kind of logic into instructions symbol, the inheritance and extension is historical precipitation. The space environment in which human beings live is also developing with it. The application of indicative symbols in design thinking and science and technology will make the development direction of space environment more logical and interactive.

From the perspective of the future development trend of commercial space, indicative symbols will appear in the design of commercial space in large number with three functions of referring, hinting and guiding. The referential function of indicative symbols will make the business space develop from the direct functional design to the concise conceptual design. The implication of indicative symbols will make business space develop from rigid space planning to flexibility and fun. The guiding role of indicative symbols will lead to the development of business space from chaotic spatial guidance to orderly information guidance. In this way, indicative symbols provide the development direction and space vitality for commercial space.

Based on instructions symbol concept, characteristics and importance of derivation instructions symbol in the commercial space application method and effect, systematically shows the instructions symbol appears in commercial space design of the form. The logical application of indicative symbols in business space is viewed from a holistic and rational perspective. Finally through to the instruction type symbols in the space design for the future development and suppose to cause the designer's thinking, the symbol hope that designers have a more detailed understanding, and application in your design.