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Essay范文:Image art 2018-06-06

Fanessay下面提供一篇essay范文--Image art,本篇文章讲述的内容是关于影像艺术方面的,可以供大家了解下。艺术在人类文明的各个时期中,都代表着一个时代的人类文明发展的成果,每个时期都会出现具有着代表性的艺术表现形式,会把我们的对艺术的看法带领到一个新的高度上。影像的装置艺术是有着独特的发展过程的,也有着独特的艺术形态,成为了一种融合了高技术手段与多媒体表现形式一体的艺术手段了。影像装置艺术有着特有的艺术观念去吸引着观众,让观众们都融入到了作品的体验中,在特有的环境里体验影像艺术的独特性创造,把影像艺术变成大众文化的载体。

In the various periods of human civilization, are represented in this era of art form in every period of the development of human civilization will be the representative art forms almost, and will put our views on art to a new height. With its unique development process and unique art form, image installation art has become an art means integrating high-tech means and multi-media expression forms. Video art by its unique artistic conception to attract the audience into the work experience, experience in special environment image art unique creativity, make the image art really become the carrier of mass culture.

Video installation art is due to the progress of science and technology and the emergence of new media art form, its development has always maintained a border with art, technology innovation and social cultural dialogue, and has gradually entered the center of the contemporary art, on a global scale rapidly expand, infiltrate into art such as drama, dance, music performance.

The relationship between art and media has a long history. Especially after the pre-contemporary stage, the whole process of creation, appreciation and evaluation is closely related to the media used. Medium for the continuation of the artistic creation and civilization have extremely important effect, "a basic medium on their significance of civilization, is difficult to assess, because the evaluation means of itself is affected by the media. In fact, the assessment itself seems to be characteristic of some type of medium. As media types change, evaluation types change, so it is not easy for one civilization to understand the other.

On December 28, 1895 the lumiere brothers in a cafe in Paris, France with mobile film projector on the world's first movie "factory gate", the film records the workers out of the door from work, cycling, walking, is a natural real scene. The film was a great success, which was later considered to mark the birth of the film. At that time, the film existed as a recording means. In the later development process, it was gradually influenced by the drama that the narrative was formed. For the first time since world war ii Hollywood films gradually rise, film became popular form of entertainment, in the following decades, Hollywood movies rapid development, produced many classics, gradually develop a set of Hollywood film production process. Of course, the disadvantages of this model are also obvious. The plot is conventional, not new, and the audience is tired of the monotony of the story. And at the same time, art expression means, media, ideas also change rapidly during this period, has appeared the impressionist and post-impressionist, fauvism, cubism, dadaism, surrealism art genres. At that time, the emergence of film as a "new media" coincided with the trend of art reform and became a new means for artists to create art.

The 50 s of the 20th century, western started the third revolution of science and technology, the third revolution of science and technology is the human's civilization after steam technology revolution and electric power technology revolution in the field of science and technology and a major leap forward. It with atomic energy, electronic computers, space technology and the invention and application of biological engineering as the main mark, involving information technology, new energy, new materials technology, biotechnology, space technology and an information control in the field of Marine technology and so on many technological revolution. The development of art is more and more closely related to the renewal of science and technology. In the 1960s and 1970s, after the third technological revolution, SONY of Japan developed a small camera and corresponding image editing system, and began to market in the United States. The small cameras give artists and even ordinary people a chance to enjoy the specialized equipment and technology that used to be available only to large TV production centers or professionals. The application of electronic media represented by video technology in art is mainly due to the transformation of scientific and industrial revolution into aesthetic experience. Represented by nam June paik, the image of the artist trying to hand camcorders, presents with the mainstream television media, the mass culture represented by distinct another artistic perspective and cultural criticism.

As one of the earliest contact video technology artists, nam June paik acutely aware of the possibility of a electronic images as the medium, and start the video as a medium for artistic creation. His images are not news, nor are they intended to record a period of time or an event, but to serve as a medium for exploring new ideas and new fields of art. At the same time, he fully the new discovery and use of television media function, test its social significance, and evaluate its cultural value, and by using this new TV media to find the means of communication between east and west culture and the approach of global conversation. His works foreshadow the emergence of new art forms such as holographic projection art and computer graphics, which are the beginning of the transformation from the electronic technology era to the digital technology era.

The exhibition space of art works is one of the important factors for the smooth transmission of the ideas expressed by art works to the audience. Especially in the contemporary art period, the importance of space and field often plays a decisive role.

Before the Renaissance, a work of art is the ruler of the tool of public mind control, normally not be used for the purpose of the aesthetic, the audience are as a civilized person is a minor, passive location, their rights of only viewing works of art, in most cases the audience is therefore enter the exhibition space to passively accept information. With the progress of human society, the continuous development of science and technology, the creation of modern art styles, means constantly evolving, the people's education has also been gradually popularization, people for works of art aesthetic ability improved significantly. This offers more possibilities for people to approach works of art. The relationship between artists and ordinary people has also become more equal than in the past. The exhibition space of art works is more flexible and changeable.

In the post-modernist period, the distance between the artist and the audience disappeared completely, and the participation of the audience became part of the artistic works. On-canvas art emphasizes the artist absolutely dominate the meaning of works of art, modern art, pay attention to the work itself, and the contemporary, more emphasize on the field of communicating with the audience in the space. The development of art has changed the art form, the medium of art, and the way art works are presented. The exhibition space of traditional art works is transiting to the exhibition space of contemporary and contemporary art works. The 18th century, the western museum began to rise, works of art exhibition more need to have certain space to complete, works with the audience the communication between one of the most value elements to be an artist. The exhibition of the work itself requires a specific space to echo it, especially the art of image installation. Even the participation of the audience has become an indispensable part of the work itself. The art of image installation has been developed rapidly since the 1970s. It is essentially different from traditional paper painting and comprehensive material art. The image flows in the space constructed by the device, and the audience feels the transmission of information in the field of the work. The image installation art USES different expression time and space, media materials and comprehensive materials together to display unique aesthetic language in a specific exhibition space.

Imaging device interactivity is refers to the viewer in the appreciation of works of art image device works of art, not passively accept the artist's views and ideas, but according to their own needs to appreciate and understand the work. The important idea of image installation art works is to leave certain imaginary space to the appreciator.

The characteristics of the image installation art, such as its inclusiveness, frontier and interactivity, make it very different from the traditional shelf art and comprehensive material art. It conveys different experiences of image and sound effects to the experiencer through new technical means through projection, loudspeaker, screen, light and other forms. But in fact, it is not enough, the modern art is more and more attention to audience's participation, and in some cases, the audience's participation and even becomes the key to whether work, besides the body feeling, in the visual, hearing, taste, smell and touch will generate new experience, the randomness of the interactive video installation art brings unexpected audio-visual effect, make the audience feel new experience and perception in the constantly changing. By making full use of various new technical means, the art of image installation regards the public participation as part of the work and forms an interactive multidimensional space.

Interactive image installation art is an art that integrates many characteristics of art forms. The audience is placed in a virtual environment, either outdoors or indoors, real or virtual. Interaction is a very important development direction of the art of image installation. It puts the participation of the audience in the art works in a very high position. The leading edge of interactive image determines that it is not limited by the art category, and integrates such means and elements as painting, installation, image, game and sound. Interactive imaging devices do not just stay in form, but cross new disciplines such as communication, aesthetics, biology and genetics, and combine high-tech means to create art.

Images installation art is a kind of complex expression, imaging device constantly attempt and innovation in the process of creation, image and explore the maximum, the expressions of media in the space. The experiment of image installation art is to explore its artistic language and explore its possibility of existence and development. His works are artists the expression of thoughts, feelings, ideas, artists in its unique language to elaborate the meaning of work, their understanding of artistic language from the language the external form to the connotation of language transformation, from the form itself, mining, refining, development and innovation.

The artistic language of image installation is not only independent of other art categories, but also has its own characteristics, and there are countless possibilities from conception, creation and use of multi-media materials. Video installation art development to today, its language is more and more diverse, both the experimental characteristics of image art, and art for exploring space and media, it put the two art forms together effectively and is beneficial to language of contemporary art to explore.

The language of image installation art is essentially the representative of comprehensive art language, which provides another way for artists to create in different art fields. In the contemporary art in the big system, video installation art appear will break the boundary of the category of artistic language, put them in combination to use, the diversity of its language will cause a lot of new contemporary art language expression and media experiment. The contemporary art language will certainly develop towards a new and more diversified direction.

Ever since duchamp sent finished industrial products to the museum as works of art, there has been a new change in human understanding of works of art. From this perspective, "painting has no future", what greets people is the arrival of a national artist era. In the human into the 21st century today, used to art creation means of media, have varied, computer, network, smart phones, LED screen and so on have become the artistic creation of raw materials, with the progress of human science and technology, the interaction between art and technology will be more closely.

Video installation art in today's environment has become an important form of art, the diversity of its potential to be the artist's excavation and exploration, the exploration spirit is to make the image device art continuous development of the power source. The language mode of contemporary art has become more and more diversified, developing from single medium to multiple media, showing unprecedented vitality. Video installation art's experimental and comprehensive and interactive features also greatly enrich the language of contemporary art, for art to across different media culture development provides the possibility of more.