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Paper范文:About American style 2018-06-14

今天Fanessay分享一篇paper范文--About American style,本篇文章讲述的内容是关于美式风格方面的,可以供大家了解下。在美国的生活方式中,美式风格演变成到今天的这一种形式,是一种风格,也是一个统称,主要分为美式古典风格、美式现代风格和美式乡村风格等。美式古典风格是一种大气、稳重和充满内涵的;美式乡村风格便是充满一种田园和休闲的轻松氛围;而现代美式风格的设计是轻松活泼除了是有文化性,还有些浪漫的气息,现在这三种美式的风格也受到了很多消费者的喜爱。

American style is a form of American life that has evolved to this day. The United States is a country of freedom, it also contributed to the comfortable, casual way of life, freedom was not decorated too much artificial and constraint, casual in another with recreational romance, American household style also happens to cater to the current intellectuals and the demand for lifestyle, i.e., has the sense of culture, has your QiGan, also cannot lack the feeling of comfortable feeling and emotional appeal.

American style is a kind of style is a general designation, it mainly divided into American modern style, classical style, American country style, etc., the modern American style design and whole design breezy, besides has the culture, a lot of romance; American classical style tends to create an atmosphere of atmosphere, stability and connotation of the space atmosphere; American country style is full of the relaxed atmosphere of rural and natural leisure. These three representative American styles are loved by consumers.

Modern American style is the product of the development trend of The Times. In the use of color, compared with the traditional American style more abundant and younger, furniture choices more inclusive, diversity. Modern American country style is a kind of decoration style without putting on AIRS, returning to nature, color is gorgeous, enthusiasm erupts, what pursue is another kind of return to the simplicity and innocence of the essential demand of life.

Compared with traditional American style, modern American style is more flexible in color selection, distinctive and younger. Color has the characteristics of diversity is a modern American style, multi-purpose solid wood furniture, color cloth art, the use of the earth color and modern color is tie-in, creating a distinctive wind restoring ancient ways. Design elements are as follows:

The color of contemporary American style design USES bold, color contrast is strong, break people to traditional American understanding, inject new element for American design style. Large area USES goose yellow on metope, the collision that forms color with pink American cloth art sofa in front,

Add the hanging picture on the wall and the iron art lamp that restore ancient ways is acted the role of, built a kind of restoring ancient ways, romantic, young unique space atmosphere, it is typical contemporary American style. On metope used pure and fresh light blue collocation arch door, whole space is permeated with pure and fresh natural wind.

On the choice of traditional American furniture, choose size large, thick, overall more complex solid wood furniture, with fine detail thick atmosphere, attention to detail modelling, expensive QiGan, while modern American style through colorful cloth or leather sofa, cooperate white metope color or brunet furniture collocation, so as to create a comfortable living environment, young, personality.

The choice of archaize brick is applied more boldly, archaize brick has played an important role in the design of modern urban kitchen and bathroom in recent years. American modern hutch defends design compared to the traditional American style, color is bold, fully meet the master aesthetic and personality traits, kitchen design, bold use of yellow, blue, orange for restoring ancient ways collocation, the color is lively, jumping, highlights the modern wind restoring ancient ways.

Use light color fastens archaize brick to match white ambry, ambry pulls a hand, modelling and the temperament of archaize brick complement each other, this kind of tonal collocation is very popular, use extensively in contemporary urban American kitchen.

American classical style is rooted in European culture. It combines baroque, palladio, British neoclassical and other decorative styles, forming symmetrical, exquisite, elegant and colorful features. Emphasize concise, clear line and elegant, decorous adornment with appropriate degree. American style more than the use of golden eagle, cross double sword, star, grain, flower color, such as decorative element, candlestick, geometrical design carpets in tin lead alloy, carve patterns or designs on woodwork edge ark outfit search act the role ofing, present a unique charm.

The most attractive place of furniture of American classic style and household goods is in modelling, grain, carve act the role of role in the role of act the role of adornment and tonal exquisite nobility, the place that bear a person to seek taste reveals everlasting and remote fragrance. Coloring in general is given priority to with a single color, emphasized stronger practicability, attaches great importance to the decoration at the same time, in addition to form adornment, bellflower, MaiShu and urn and some design which is the symbol of patriotism in the United States as an eagle form design, etc., used enchase adornment gimmick, and garnish with paint or low relief. The material is used commonly walnut and maple, American classical style is compared with the European style of golden light glitter, luxuriant and magnificent come to bear seeing, be worth savoring, stand the test of time more. The decorative elements are as follows:

Overall, the American classical style of furniture size compared to the ordinary furniture, relatively wide commonly, this in addition to the villa size is bigger, need the furniture to match, also people tall men have certain relations with the United States. This kind of design, can let furniture appear more atmospheric, and let a person sit up to maintain a kind of comfortable feeling all the time.

The bed bed of American classic style has characteristic extremely, American classic bed has tall column mostly and contain curtain. Double mattresses are healthier and more comfortable. American classical style chair will show us the best "queen" Anna, the chair of the features are: the top of the chair with yoke shape, decorated with shallow relief, the back of the chair is the vase type batten, process mostly do old, bug, etching, etc., on the material and color are straightforward, unprocessed, or secondary do old texture and s feeling, express the culture and history. The color and lustre of American classic style furniture is deeper, with black, dark red, brown and brunet mass-tone attune, put in the home appears sedate and elegant, atmosphere.

The application of antique bricks. To build the American domestic outfit style, in addition to the choice of furniture, and soft outfit of tie-in, archaize brick as American style household commonly used materials, its color, texture are seriously influenced the American household decorate a style to the whole. Choose suitable archaize brick, ability makes American household design achieves more perfect result. American classic style archaize brick, design and color match restore ancient ways, color is quite heavy, permeate a kind of nobility and classicism. Color: dark red, green, brown, silver and white. Texture: restoring ancient ways to nature, presenting the thick sense of history.

American country style emphasizes "return to uncut jade to return to nature", "nature is comfortable", highlight expression is relaxed, comfortable. In terms of design, American rural style abandons fussiness and luxury, and is oriented by comfort and nature, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

The color of American country style gives priority to with natural tonal, green, earthy brown is most common. On color of use is the color of quietly elegant, soft, coordination, and designed to be simple and comfortable decorate is also a clear sign of the country style, you can simply these two sign in to your decorating a design scheme. The furniture of American country style is tonal with log nature on color basis, the integral color atmosphere of white, red, green, brown bedroom is more general. Special is in walls and furniture and display on the color of choice - plain natural, nostalgia, sending out the breath of color is a typical feature of American country style, wallpaper are mostly selection mechanism of rich, natural texture of paper pulp products. Nostalgia, romance and respect for time are the best evaluations of American furniture. As a whole, American furniture conveys the design idea of simplicity, leisure, organization and multi-function, making the family a pure land for releasing pressure and emancipating the mind. Furniture choice is natural and comfortable, show rural plain feeling adequately. Traditional American furniture is generally large in size, large in volume, more practical solid wood furniture, mainly dark color. But in American country furniture. Cloth art USES more, it is to choose cotton and linen cloth more, because cloth art is comfortable, kind, natural feeling and country style can coordinate very well. A variety of complex flowers and plants, beautiful exotic patterns, as well as fresh flowers, birds, fish and insects are very popular.

The ground brick restoring ancient ways, log, cast iron material is the common material in American country style, be used often to decorate design hard body, furniture material and lamps and lanterns on the space. The material of American furniture is given priority to with white oak, mahogany, or cherry wood, line is simple. Most country style refers to the American west country style, with comfortable function as the guidance, the modelling of both classical and modern lines, ergonomics and decorative art of furniture style, fully shows the characteristics of simple nature. American country style of archaize brick, much to the elements of design inspiration of nature, household experience closer to life, use close to the nature of archaize brick as a bedroom setting wall, give a person the sense of original. Color: mainly soft color, more practical and natural russet, earthy yellow, etc. Grain is rough, close to nature, when use in small area to break monotonous, usually use the antique brick of beautiful and beautiful color to adorn. The shop that installed in the ground archaize brick was decorated with the color of small area, broke the depressing of the space.

Of course, American style also has some common designs. American country style besides inheriting British soft and beautiful country style and rural style, also have the open country style of wild desert in the west. The biggest difference between American countryside and American classic is that there is no luxurious arrangement in American countryside. The feeling of "warmth" and "home" is the main connotation of American rural style. Wooden ceiling is one of the important characteristics of American style design, in addition, American style in order to create a natural and comfortable living environment, with floral green plant, rocking chair, floor lamp, makeup dot, foil the natural atmosphere.

In household space, a lamp, a painting, a plant has its own position, scale, when it in space, dimension size and space is the connection, as a part of the whole; Soft outfit is carried on, can let a space appear crowded sometimes, can let a space become empty sometimes. Similar to music, the rhythm fluctuates, changes fast and slow, and the feeling of coming out is also different. American-style lamp ACTS the role of the lamp to use iron art or woodiness pendant lamp more, the candle lamp that restoring ancient ways breath. In hanging picture, more practical flowers and birds, animals for the theme of decorative paintings. In modern American decoration, there are also humorous animal decorative paintings to express a humorous, relaxed and young indoor environment.

The details in American country style are very fastidious, there are hundreds of styles of small sculpture flowers, and it is these small things that make American style more stylish. American country style is classic in the middle of a bit random, hold concurrently classic and contemporary element and function. Accordingly, the use of adornment can show the natural style with nature fully, namely concise and lively, warm and comfortable feeling. Lamp ACTS the role of, wheat grass, wild flower potted plant, iron art product is the common thing in rural style space decoration design. The delicate collection of objects has a strong exotic flavor, and the nostalgic texture makes them look more like the vicissitudes of life.

Until today in development of American style for you, also thanks to its rich and changeful interior space, and its style or expressed by the natural and comfortable, or composed atmosphere, or rich cultural history is modern catering to the different levels of demand.