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Assignment范文:Painting creation 2018-06-14

今天Fanessay分享了一篇assignment范文--Painting creation,本篇文章讨论的内容是关于绘画创作方面的,可以供大家了解下。绘画艺术创作时和其他的艺术创作一样的,理论与方法都是在观念上不断去创新与总结的,绘画又是艺术行为,同时是一种积蓄在心里的创新思维的一个释放的方式,可以说艺术创作思维是为了个人绘画艺术创作进行的思维方式,而艺术创作思维的形成给个人绘画艺术创作带来了一个新的理念了。

Chinese thinking is a kind of nature of the human brain. It can indirectly and comprehensively process real things, implicitly or implicitly in the presentation of language or action. It's just that the way of thinking is different. The way of thinking of higher education is quite different from that of general education. As two ICONS in similar landscape painting, a painting valuable, another is neglected, it will show the two ICONS education gap, so after thinking is affected by different education produced by complex brain mechanisms. The so-called education is to constantly stimulate the brain nerve of the educated, so that the painter can accumulate useful knowledge, form ideas and then respond to the objective real life and apply it at any time.

Thinking is inseparable from image, and image also includes the activities of thinking. An artistic image created through the special emotional activities of the creative subject, which is often used for artistic general image. According to the interpretation of words, image is the image of meaning. The image can be sublimated to a deeper image through abstraction, which is an intelligent activity of information processing made by the human brain. As far as ceramic artists are concerned, they should develop various artistic creations on ceramics, but the premise is that visual thinking promotes image development activities, and the second is to show ceramic skills. Under the premise that master of ceramic art creation rules, various material from life in the future, according to the direction of a specific theme, artistic thinking, image thinking, in particular, to form a relatively complete art image, and the use of painting language and expression, materialized as the artistic image, this process reveals the law of all works of art creation activity. Understanding social life is the source of creation, but life is not a simple duplication phenomenon. In this sense, the difference in the painter's understanding of life determines the depth and depth of the work. Is, in essence, a special kind of aesthetic creation, the aesthetic feeling of a particular experience, make a special image thinking, the process is in accordance with the blend of objective and subjective aesthetic images to conception, the end of the thinking process of form a complete works of art. The artistic creation activity is different from the general aesthetic activity, and most importantly, it is a medium activity that combines technology and art. The above theories are not only a summary of painting behavior, but also a way of thinking. It can be said that artistic creation thinking is a way of thinking for personal artistic creation. The success of this way of thinking is, of course, tied to education.

Understanding social life is the basic principle of artists. When a certain social life attracts artists, they may enter artistic thinking and stimulate their desire to create. Artistic thinking can be divided into the artistic creation and art appreciation, the two are unified image thinking and abstract thinking process, capture the artistic image as the goal, to form the representation to image thinking way of thinking, is a for both. When a painter lacks the ability to appreciate art, how can he talk about art creation? Therefore, the two systems are interdependent. With the development of the society, the idea of artistic creation has been updated, for the pursuit of the picture is no longer the only the ultimate purpose of artistic creation, but varying behavior occupies the painting form and concept of thinking, is no longer limited to the ordinary rendering or media medium, inspiration and artistic conception, intuition is no longer the only way to art creation, but multiple artistic thinking a painting concept, the function of integration mode of thinking and consciousness. The formation of each artistic creation thought is to provide more possibilities for artists.

The formation of artistic creative thinking on the premise of individual characteristics of art, in the process of learning and research, a creative way of thinking is gradually presented. The evolution or state of mind from this mode of thinking varies from person to person. In short, the thinking and core content of artistic creation come from the self-cognition of artists.

In this era, a better sense of self is not only a personal problem for artists, but also a social and cultural problem. Self-knowledge is one's own insight and understanding, including observation and self-evaluation. Self-knowledge is not hard to understand, but many painters do not understand it. They always think that their paintings are perfect, but those who admire them do not. Why? This is the lack of self-knowledge, from the heart of self-righteousness. Cultivating self-observation is a very important topic. Observation is your perception, thinking and intention in aspects such as consciousness. Self-assessment refers to the judgment and evaluation of his own thoughts, expectations, behaviors and personality traits, which is an important condition for self-adjustment. There will be a development process of the behavior and psychological cognition of the individual's self-existence, first of all, it will be vague, then it will consciously arrange its own behavior, and finally it will be the psychological cognition of the self. Generally speaking, it requires one's mind and imagination to be able to perceive the psychological changes of oneself to a certain extent. Artistic creators need this kind of self-awareness. Not only do you find what you want to attract, but you also need to find your heart or keep the release you really need.

As for imitation, it will bring the self and guide, think of the seemingly find some form of painting, but it is not their inner creative thinking, that's why people today think "consistent" art of living around the "similar to" the real reason. The distinction between imitation and creation is the beginning of different behaviors and psychological behaviors, and it is also the beginning of self-psychological cognition. Artistic creation thinking is conducive to the formation of individual psychological cognition, because psychological activity itself is infinite, so is also a process of infinite psychological cognition, its thoughts and imagination will develop according to personal experience. Therefore, different psychological activities will make the individual psychological self have a summary and adjustment. It is a process of self-transcendence from the artist's creative consciousness to the self, and then to know the self, give up the self and finally find the self. It is culture and art recultivation that finally realize the value of self.

The artistic creation of painting generally goes through three processes: life experience, artistic conception and image materialization. Life experience, because the theme comes from life, needs to find, find and experience in life, so as to accumulate materials for creation. Artistic conception is an artist in a mental set was built according to artistic conception and creation under the guidance of purpose, initially formed the theme, form a new art concept in mind, that is full of artistic image; The objectification of images means the artistic language used by artists, the aesthetics displayed by mature artistic images and the art of appreciating artistic images. Artists do not consciously express their inner feelings and emotions when creating, but they often forget the process of creative thinking after finishing their works. An artist can create a good work of art, but it is usually difficult to explain his creation clearly. This is because the image thinking in the process of creating art full development, random walk in any painting creation stage, but cannot describe image thinking, only is closely related to the artist's artistic talent. This is the most precious and elusive thing in the process of artistic creation.

It is a rigorous thinking process and emphasizes creative change. It is also an uncertain way of thinking. Creation is original in the framework of a certain and thinking, inspiration comes when you, want to create a landscape painting, your mind must be theme within the framework of scenery landscape conception, without overstepping the other theme, is the "conscious" psychological activities, and psychological activities of the "unconscious", artistic creation is a kind of "the most elusive" area. Therefore, the painter's thinking frame seeks to find the convergence point of art more intelligently within the limited and free creative scope. Under the influence of the artistic creation thinking, emotion, teacher is reasonable, distribution control, makes the artistic thinking of the "conscious" and "unconscious", form an organic whole, and mutual transformation, psychological system and self-improvement.

Actually creative thinking in the field of all art is indispensable, not ceramic painting unique, different art has its own distinctive features, characteristics and can make art inspired each other, also can give other art more possibilities. Why art is interlinked has been proved in practice. For example, ceramic painting art integrates multiple artistic features. In addition to the most important features of Chinese painting, there are also oil painting, printmaking, poetry and sculpture. No matter what kind of art they are, their way of thinking is the same, that is, artists have a preliminary cognitive process to themselves, and finally achieve the perfect expression of artistic creation.