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Assignment范文:The Disastrous news 2018-06-25

Fanessay下面就提供一篇assignment范文--The Disastrous news,本篇文章阐述的内容是关于灾难性新闻方面的,可以给大家了解下。相信大家都知道,灾难都是突如其来,让人是预料不到的,并且还带有很大的破坏性。而雪灾、水灾和地震等这些自然灾害与恐怖活动、战争这些社会灾害,影响了社会的运转和人类的生活了。灾难发生了以后新闻媒体就要发挥自身的优势,把握好正确的原则,提升灾害的报道水平,这样才能给人民提供便利、快捷和准确的信息了,才能更好的服务社会。

Natural disasters such as floods, snow storms and earthquakes, as well as social disasters such as terrorist activities, wars and mining disasters, have seriously affected the normal operation of society and human life. After the disaster, as the news media should play their own advantages, correctly grasp the principle, efforts to improve coverage level, to provide a quick, convenient and accurate information and better service to the society.

Disasters are often sudden, unpredictable and devastating. The news media for the disastrous news reports should do well in the following three aspects: accurate and timely forecast warning before the disaster, disaster relief disaster relief, the instant of emotional comfort to the victims, summary and reflection after a disaster.

The media has the responsibility to accurately and timely warn of disasters. In the face of disasters, the news media must give full play to the role of social "watch the wind" and human life "information tree" and timely and comprehensive early warning reports. "Accurate" means to obtain authoritative information, but not to listen to biased information. "Timely" means that once a disaster is discovered to be coming or is coming, it is necessary to follow up the report immediately without delay. "Comprehensive" means standing high, looking far, and anticipating the difficulties or hazards that a disaster might cause within a certain range.

Timely and comprehensive reporting of the disaster and disaster relief. Disaster is command, time is life. For journalists, the most important thing to do well in reporting disastrous news events is to have a sense of time and to make an article on the word "rob". After the disaster, the news media should respond quickly and "seize the commanding heights" quickly. Meanwhile, journalists should have a tenacious style of not afraid of hardship, sink down and conduct in-depth interviews. The interview should be carefully observed to capture the details. The news report not only highlights the key points, but also details properly.

Learn from experience and nip it in the bud. "Preventing disasters before they happen" does not mean that disasters can be prevented, because natural disasters cannot be avoided at all, but it is also important to make a good summary of the report after the disaster.

While correctly grasping the above three principles, we should also pay attention to some problems.

In the face of catastrophic events, especially those that appear to be negative news events, the media should not keep silent, but should choose the best opportunity to disseminate information. Although the media have always been positive coverage as the mainstream of news and media content, negative reports were seen as represented by the disaster news is not conducive to maintaining social stability, but as the media of the endorsement for the people, shall not be hidden from the masses, cloak, but to tell the audience the true situation objectively, in the information transparency, under the premise of accurate timeliness is enhanced, the positive effects of negative news shape easier.

Disaster brings suffering, and humanistic care is called the "gentle caress" of human suffering, emphasizing the spiritual and psychological aspects of human beings. Therefore, the report of disastrous events should pay more attention to people's inner experience, let the public see the true state of life in disaster, and show the dignity, value and selflessness of life in the face of disaster. From the point of view of humanistic care, we should put pen and ink on how the party and the government are highly responsible to the people and try their best to save them and minimize their losses.

Disaster events have a great impact on people's psychology, objectively increasing the difficulty of news reporting, and also testing the moral quality and moral cultivation of journalists. Therefore, in the reporting, we must adhere to seeking truth from facts, do not rush out news in order to seek speed, and do not publish false news in order to create a sensational effect. Journalists have plenty of material to cover disastrous events. However, disaster reporting is far from inevitable. We must firmly grasp the root and focus.

In a word, in disastrous news reports, the news media should not only provide information to the audience, but also integrate themselves into the struggle of disaster relief and become the agitator and organizer of the struggle. Journalists must abide by professional ethics, to clarify the truth, carry forward the vital qi, maintain stability as the goal, adhere to the principle of real, comprehensive, and truthfully report the situation to them and actively guide the correct public opinion, as a bridge of people government communication, better for the government to provide reference information for and arrange the disaster relief work.