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Paper范文:The visual communication design 2018-06-27

Fanessay下面给大家提供一篇paper范文--The visual communication design,这篇文章阐述的内容是关于视觉传达设计方面的,可以给大家参考学习下。对于视觉和知觉的这些认知理论,视觉传达设计的视觉互动就是根据这些所产生的,而视觉传达设计里的视觉互动就是指视觉和心理之间的一种互动。当人看到一件事物的时候,会先从视觉上开始,然后传达到心里,这样就会产生一种心理的感受,这就是互动的过程。视觉互动的实现的方式要满足视觉形式简化的要求和去适应视觉系统的选择性。

Along with the development of the scientific theory and technology in China, in the production and living way in increasing the application of science and technology, visual communication design is applied more one way, in the new multimedia technology, visual communication design effect will affect the development of multimedia and the media.

Since ancient times, people in the study of how to use the form of visual symbols to express their inner thoughts and feelings, and are actively searching for ways to store knowledge and memory, to convey information effectively. People is produced in the process of continuously explore visual communication theory, mainly through what way to efficiently express the contents of the visual, and with the development of society and science and technology, visual communication theory, not only has development in practice, and greatly applied in practice. In visual communication design is based on vision and perception of the visual interaction of cognitive theory, visual communication design is the visual interactive visual and psychological interaction, when people see a thing, from visual communication to psychology, to produce a kind of psychological feeling, this is an interactive process.

Usually, when people see something simple or shape can produce a pleasant sensation, mentally and in people's long-term development, this kind of phenomenon is internalized as a regular behavior, that is to say, human intuition is be fond of simple structure, shape and clear things, is a kind of pursuit of simple structural order. In visual communication design, therefore, to realize the interaction between the visual, first of all try to ensure that people of visual form is simplistic, it try to reflect the regularity of the tendency of visual form, because people have formed a kind of mixed and disorderly things has no interest in visual sense, if people visual clutter things, it will automatically search "organization significance" of objects, seeking to accept for people's psychological pleasure. So, in the visual communication design, must be the inevitable mess graphics through a certain form of organization together, form a new mode of structure, can also keep the diversity of design according to certain organization rules become the form of programming, in this way, you can put a lot of people cannot be accepted by the visual things through the study of the change of color, size, and its merits, which interact with the person's psychology to form a kind of adaptation. Is also because people there are on the vision such description of characteristics, so, when making professional visual communication design to deliberately avoid useless information, this will increase the unnecessary processing of visual symbols, try to highlight the design theme and reducing trivial and complex picture.

For the visual system, it has strong selectivity, it will automatically choose those things that can be accepted by the vision to see. In many things, the visual system is the most easy to select those who will continue to change in the environment, because our eyes do adjust itself to adapt to the needs of the organism, so for the changes of things, the eyes will be the first indirect received signal, the visual system can greatly save the people in the static things to choose.

By making full use of the visual "break point", the visual "break point" can fully mobilize the selection activity of the visual system, thus improving the actual effect of visual communication in the visual communication design. Breakpoints can have attention in the application of visual function, the noticeable function refers to the designer to achieve through the way of the breakpoints in the smallest space, capture more visual attention. In normal visual communication, the viewer's attention often begins with a certain Angle into the frame, and trying to put my work as soon as possible in the process of constantly browse the skeleton, is also for this reason, designers can make full use of the visual appreciation of this feature to attract more attention. In addition, the application of breakpoints can also play the role of visual process control. Especially in the visual communication in advertising design, what is the most important problem that needs to be solved? So, can actively applied the breakpoints in the process of visual design to control the visual process, so that it can control the audience focus on work, make the need to communicate information effectively convey to the audience, realization of visual interaction.

In today's informationization, the digital age full development, the interactive mode of transmission also obtained fast development, and visual communication design is one of the interactive mode of transmission, is a kind of mode of transmission using visual impact to the public attention. In order to achieve a better effect, this kind of communication method needs to add visual interaction in the visual communication design, so that the designed content can be deeply remembered by the audience. Therefore, there are mainly the following ways to realize visual interaction, that is, to meet the requirement of visual form simplification; Adapt to the selection of the visual system.