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Assignment范文:About the film and television language 2018-07-04

Fanessay下面就给大家分享一篇assignment范文--About the film and television language,本篇文章讲述的内容是关于影视语言方面的,可以给大家了解参考下。在影视语言中,能表达的主干功能就是画面了,影视语言也是信息场域。影视语言是凭借时空作为结构外壳的,声像作为结构材料,而蒙太奇是结构组织的直觉性符合的系统。语言结构状态是一种复合立体和多元多层的语言结构体系,语言结构的状态是由市县影视传达的特定声像并存和时空并存的媒介方式,这具有直观的震撼力与刺激性,可以为观众们带来更加直接的审美刺激。

Video language is the information field. Information field is in an event or multiple events, the behavior of dynamic relationships, image, sound, the environment, atmosphere, attitude accumulated for the audience to observe and experience of space and time art system. The picture bears the main function of film and television language expression. Picture and sound are the organic components of film and television language, with rich expression. Montage has the function of connecting story plot, creating movement, creating rhythm, creating thought and creating unique film and television space. Therefore, images and pictures, pictures and sound, color and color, ever-changing connection between sound and color, like a symphony of melody and rhythm, give a person with the artistic conception of poetry, the beauty of painting.


Language is divided into broad sense and narrow sense. In a narrow sense, language refers to the communicative tools that human beings use to express meaning and exchange ideas. Specifically, it refers to human natural language. It is a symbol system composed of speech, vocabulary and grammar. It is divided into the traditional oral language and written language. Generalized language refers to all have some kind of information transmission function of symbol system, is used to express, communicate and transmit information symbol system, therefore, the image language, animal language, voice, form language, logic language, color, language, music, language, body language, art, languages, computer languages, etc., can be regarded as language. Film and television language is a comprehensive language, which is composed of two parts: picture and sound. The picture includes composition, color, light effect, tone, etc. Voice includes human voice, acoustics, music, etc., and also includes "modeling language" and "rhythm language" formed by combination of picture and sound art. The audience interprets the picture through vision and understands sound through hearing. Film language is audio-visual language.


The language of film and television is an intuitive symbol system with space-time as the structural shell, sound and image as the structural materials and montage as the structural organization. Its language structure state is the media form stipulated by the coexistence of specific sound and image and the coexistence of time and space in the realization of film and television transmission.


The language of film and television has the intuitive power of shock and stimulation, which can bring the aesthetic stimulation of direct sense to the audience. However, what is expressed in the language of film and television is singular, individual and specific. There is only so much scope for what it means to do, that is to say, there is only so much scope for the imagination of the mind which it can inspire, for its meaning is limited. In film and television on language expression, therefore, we can show the aesthetic function about it on the one hand, to be sure, on the other hand also for it can arouse imagination of thinking of the limitation of the aesthetic activities more in-depth exploration, so as to create more rich and colorful performance means, full of poetic composition is to tap into the film and television language in terms of artistic expression.


Natural language is composed of vocabulary and grammar. Vocabulary is the structural material of language, while grammar is the structural rule of language. When words are combined according to certain grammatical rules, they constitute a language system to express complete meaning. In the language of film and television, pictures and sounds play the role of vocabulary, while montage plays the role of grammar. Through montage to connect a lot of pictures and sounds, the language system of film and television is formed, and the meaning system of expressing real life and transcending real life is formed.


Film and television images are recorded on photosensitive film or tape through a film or television camera, and finally restored on the screen. The image in the film and television picture is not only the reproduction of the real image, but also the rewriting of the real image. Film and television picture is a copy of reality, is an art to copy, is not only the record of reality, it is to transcend reality, is endowed with the meaning of true, is true beyond reality.


As an artistic expression, picture is the medium to express human thoughts and feelings. Pictures have a greater advantage than words in showing the authenticity of objective reality. In the expression of characters' psychology, in the expression of multiple meanings, the written language appears more free and flexible, more exquisite and vivid. The difference between the two can be reflected by the expression of specific things. The picture only shows "a particular house" and "a particular tree", and never shows the general "house" or "tree". Natural language only needs to speak or write the concept of "house" or "tree", which is generalized, polysemous, abstract and not concrete. Therefore, the picture has a clear and defined meaning, and verbal or written is generalized, polysemy, different readers have different understanding about scene, which have different subjective landscape image. But we can improve and enrich the expression effect through the rhetoric art of the picture.


Picture is a kind of film and TV art expression, by showing the image of people or things and actions to show some ideological content, the author thought emotion and psychological activities, so as to reflect the real social life. Screen can show the character's inner psychological, such as the film "run Lola run", tells the story of Laura to save her boyfriend borrow money around, in her walking past a set up in the air, rail, the picture is the art of using scale contrast methods: Laura left running in parallel to the railway bridge, bridge and track a proportion two-thirds of the picture, the picture right high left low tilt at the same time. This picture makes people look very uncomfortable and depressed. Through this picture, we can express the anxious emotion and psychology of the protagonist who was running around to borrow money at that time. The artistic use of the picture here reflects Laura's mood.


In the construction of film and television works, the language film author mind will blink elegantly with clear images of time and space, that is to say, stories and drama conflict, the organization have a clear story happened time and place, have specific scenario Settings. These pictures the sense that gives a person is intuitive, but it will not reduce its connotation, conceived through art creation, film and television writers to create some kind of artistic conception suited to express a certain meaning, the artistic conception of meaning is often difficult to use language to express that is the art of images. This artistic method is illustrated by a set of picture language at the beginning of liaoshen campaign. Picture description: the river floods, river ice split, melting ice downstream, large chunks of melting ice impact each other. This is a ice thawing picture, the picture and then added momentum passionate symphonies, such scenes with ice, add momentum passionate music melody, will give the audience a blast momentum and exciting forces, to express the meaning of the Chinese revolution in the early spring has come.


The language of film and television USES picture art to show the rich thoughts and feelings of human beings and reveal the rich inner world of characters. In the legend of tianyun mountain, song wei suddenly sees a white horse galloping from the dark field in front of her eyes. This is a profound picture: the white horse symbolizes the love between her and luo qun, and the boundless dark field also symbolizes song wei's inner pain and trouble and her yearning for luo qun.


What constitutes the language of film and television is not only the picture, but also the soul of the picture. That is to say, the language of film and television should not only be satisfied with using pictures to narrate, but also make them have rich aesthetic implications. The picture should guide the audience to emotion, imagination and out of the picture, that is, to make the audience think about the invisible pictures and the meaning of the pictures outside the picture through the picture. Images not only confined to the screen reflected visible, must be chosen in addition to the picture, can produce a series of images with meaning, emotional, psychological combination can trigger the connotation of the people think. This is the essence of Chinese classical aesthetics. "An image without, a word without." Three energetic old people kick shuttlecock in front of qianmen building in Beijing. Shuttlecock kicking in the picture is a kind of traditional sport in ancient times, which happened in contemporary times. Therefore, the picture contains the significance of the combination of traditional Chinese civilization and modern spirit. Picture: a burning candle can represent the burning object of the candle, the coming of night, the metaphorical burning of one's own spirit to illuminate others, the decline of destiny, the sad mood and other meanings. This kind of uncertainty meaning outside the guidance picture makes the picture art full of rich creativity.


The picture is similar to the objective reality, it can simulate the real object vividly and intuitively, so as to arouse the reader's association. The picture USES the artistic method, can achieve the ideal expression effect. For example, the technique of upturned photography and overhead photography can express the image of characters in the picture, as well as the noble, tall and respected cultural meaning of the image. The portrait can also show the humble, weak and despised cultural significance of the characters. For film and television language rhetoric expression, not only can make the audience in image space to see real vivid picture of reality, also can make the film and television works to deepen, more long, deep artistic conception; At the same time, the audience can feel the artistic charm and aesthetic enjoyment of film and television language through the photographer's unique composition, careful use of color and light and shadow.


Film frames is a kind of have a purpose to construct art, is the inventor based on life, on art, to the understanding of the world's understanding of reality, cognition and interpretation, through various technical and artistic means of reality to art construction. The reality of film and television language is a kind of simulation, the present a realistic absence: it lets the audience in the face of a realistic "present" reality, at the same time, the audience in the face of is a kind of art and technology processing of light and shadow image language, that is to say, the audience is facing simulation of reality, the true reality is not there. This is the very essence of film and television images features, this feature makes the film and television art language in realistic reproduce beyond any other art style, also make the film language art style has more potential than any other art expressive force. Therefore, as an artistic symbol, film and television pictures are not only the representation of objective reality, the simulation of reality, but also the expression of subjective mind, and an ideal transcendence of reality.