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Assignment范文:About austen's works 2018-07-04

下面是Fanessay整理的一篇assignment范文--About austen's works,本篇文章讲述的内容是关于奥斯汀作品方面的,可以给大家了解下。对于奥斯汀,是英国的著名作家,作品也是从女性的角度出发的。通过大量的叙述的技巧,展开对女性的叙述,这能让读者对里面的任务和情节有着更全面的了解。奥斯汀的叙述方式和过去的男性叙事方式有着很大的不同,而女性的叙述方式是充分表达了女性的叙事权威,体现出女性的思想。

Austen is a famous British writer, whose works start from the perspective of women, through a large number of narrative techniques, fully expand the narrative of women. Through these narration techniques, austen enables readers to have a comprehensive understanding of the characters and plots in her works. This narrative is different from the past Austin male narrative, its female narration method fully express the female narrative authority, his work is not to the man as the center, but fully reflect women thought a lot. Not only that, Austin works can let readers into the inner world of the female characters, the reader can produce between the heroine and sympathize with each other understand emotions, readers through reading, naturally the values of the heroine in his work to feel accepted, so that to further strengthen the female narrative authority. Some people believe that female narration is limited by the way of narration, that is, female narration requires skills. This paper analyzes and studies the female narration of austen's literary works.


Austen is a famous female writer in the UK. Her works always focus on female narration and fully express women's values and thoughts through a lot of narrative techniques. Many of austen's works are related to the countryside, which is related to her own life experience. She once lived in the countryside. It is for this reason that most of austen's stories take place in the countryside. The society at that time was that men were inferior to women, but austen abnormally narrated from the perspective of women. This unique style of writing also laid an important foundation for later female literature. Austin, through a lot of narrative, fully demonstrate the ideas and values of the women, let the reader to understand and agree with the works of female thought, so that the works of female narration to become more authoritative, this narrative is worth studying.


Austen's "northanger Abbey," which begins with a decidedly negative tone of irony, sets the tone for "northanger Abbey." Austin staked out in the opening Mo LAN is not valued by people around you, as a child because Mo orchid family status is not high in society at that time, his parents everyday, what she does not have value factors, who can think Mo would later become the heroine. Irony of Mo orchid on the surface, because Mo LAN is not the patriarchal tradition, however, the real aim of Austin is mocked for writing habits of people at that time, when people are used to set the image of the heroine to beautiful and elegant, like a fairy. The narrative of this style in nosankyo temple is well illustrated in the first six chapters. This also makes austen's female narrative style relatively strong. Austin, the "northanger Abbey" at the beginning of the creation is not smooth, this also let Austin better start thinking more narrative techniques are used to express women's ideological concept, Austin, this kind of behavior is to elevate the status of women in society.


Austen's novels often allow readers to enter into the heart of the main character and greatly shorten the inner distance between the readers and the main character. This way of narration is easy for readers to have a sense of substitution and a deep sense of identity for the heroine. It is more beneficial for austen to pass on the ideas and ideas of women to readers through the heroine, and make readers accept them. Austen USES lateral language to let readers enter the heart of the heroine, so that readers can feel the authority of her female narration. Austen's narrative style is favored by many feminist writers.


Austen's pride and prejudice takes the main character as the focus of her narration, allowing readers to enter into the inner world of the heroine, so as to have a deeper understanding of her emotional thoughts. "Pride and prejudice" the novel is not from the beginning and let readers into the inner world of the heroine in the former part of the content, the author did not select a character as the focal point of the narrative, but to make the reader understand the plot and characters, so that readers can have a preliminary understanding of the characters. "Pride and prejudice" before the part of the narrative is not concentrated, with a lot of space to tell JiYing and ChanGe of love, and Elizabeth as the heroine of this book, the road to her love is not true. As the plot progresses, austen begins to focus on Elizabeth. The author of the documentary, which had previously spent a lot of writing, had begun to cool down, which was also a great change of the work. At this time, the author pays more attention to the depiction of Elizabeth's inner world and guides readers to understand Elizabeth's inner world.


Austen's works are narrated from the perspective of women. Austen's stories are all stories with the heroine as the focus of narration. This kind of narration is different from the previous male narration, which greatly reveals feminist thoughts.


Through Austin works express the theme of the thought is obvious, for its inequality is discontent with men and women, this is Austin in the novel emphasizes the equality between men and women the cause of the idea. Austen herself had no advanced education, and she lived in the countryside for a long time. The different living environment made Austin's ideas and ideas incompatible with the mainstream ideas of the society at that time. It was also because of such ideas, Austin's works, a lot of the story is very dull, not a large number of rendering, even so, Austin by superb narrative skills to fully demonstrate the ideas about women, let his works in the ordinary appear extraordinary.


Austin's work compared with the present feminism writers, although the female consciousness is not strong, but it is at the back of the female narrative made an important matting, made important contributions to the development of world literature.