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Essay范文:The dancing elements 2018-07-04

今天Fanessay给大家整理了一篇essay范文--The dancing elements,本篇文章讨论的内容是关于舞蹈元素方面的可以供大家了解下。在歌舞电影中,音乐戏剧和歌舞等这些节目,都是歌舞电影的根源,其中的舞蹈元素和表演方法便是含有西方流行的舞蹈元素。在印度的歌舞电影中,现今在世界范围内都有着深远的影响,是人表达内心心情和喜怒哀乐等情绪的一种形式,这也让印度电影逐渐成为人类对未来所期望的影片类型。

The root of the musical film is from music drama, song and dance drama and other programs, including various forms of dance elements as well as the performance method are absorbed western pop dance elements, dance movie also widely absorbed the essence of tap and jazz dance types, but also effectively put the ballet dance music and rock music adapted to create, forming a unique musical. Indian dance movies around the world have far-reaching influence, it is usually people to express inner feelings and show an effective form of emotion, such as the joys and sorrows, and gradually become Indian movies from its human hope for the future type. Among them, Indian singing and dancing movies bring people visual enjoyment through magnificent scenery, colorful color sense, beautiful Musical Instruments and vivid dance.


It was recognized from the beginning that Indian singing and dancing movies basically started with the beautiful melodies that flowed from the film nomad. The leading lady in the singing and dancing movies appears very smart and follows the romantic feelings. When Indian dance movie in the 1970 s the caravan and let people enjoy the gipsy caravan, permeated with the joy of a beautiful lida and outgoing lisa sing sweet songs, went on a vagabond life, simple and happy at the same time in the movie is also equipped with some of the after effects, not only let people deeply feel the legendary color, besides, it is full of romantic life picture scroll. Indian dance movies into the 90 s, with the progress of science and technology, the quality of the scene were promoted, coupled with excellent choreography, once again attracted the audience's attention. And completed in 2001 of India's song and dance movie "monsoon wedding", through the "wedding" it focuses on the different culture of all sorts of contradictions and conflicts, in the traditional customs, the indians and the life, place oneself in the fusion of Chinese and western civilization and collision, and then to find ethnic identity and sense of belonging of the self. Film in the final part shows the "social dancing in the rain", scenes of the whole movie is full of joy, and auspicious atmosphere, highlight the unique value of a nation more power and emotional goals. In addition, at the same stage of Indian dance film, such as in the past of India "and" ashoka "is the history as the theme of the movie, and also embodied the film element such as love, singing and dancing, suddenly deeply attracted the audience's sight, and become the people keen on the topic of discussion. Then in 2002, has spent billions of dollars to complete filming musical "logo, das" Indian dance movie really to the peak, the film glittering and showily stand out. The story of the film mainly tells the story of a couple because the restraint of caste and traditional, coupled with the family and social aspects, the two eventually can't together, the actor is with alcohol to anesthesia yourself all day long. In the film, RAE when playing shows a beautiful dance, her hands holding a candle flame, along with the dance skirt, just like the wings of butterfly, gentle and lovely eyes and its dress complement each other, the traditional Indian dance beautifully show on camera.


For Indian movies, there would be no attractive Indian movies without the innovation of singing and dancing. Therefore, singing and dancing have become the life source of Indian movies and it is also its hope. In Indian musical films, the most prominent features are mainly summarized as three parts: first, at least 6 to 8 complete musical images are implanted in Indian musical films. This combines dance with the narrative of the film to bring the film to a climax. Spectacular singing and dancing is an indispensable model in Indian films. For example, there are 8 singing and dancing scenes in caravan, which has become a visual highlight in the movie. Second, the content of songs and dances in Indian musical films accounts for 1/4 to 1/3 of the information of the whole film. Indian film specialists have said that music and dance are the two main elements that make up Indian films, and account for a quarter to a third of the film. In India in the movie, there are a lot of song and dance pieces are out of the movie plot in time and space limitations, and it is the song and dance, dance, and funny scene forcibly show in the film, so further to the protagonist in the film, the thought emotion and have played an important role in rendering and deepen the theme connotation. Thirdly, singing and dancing elements are used as an effective way for people to express their feelings in Indian musical films. Indian dance film of the most common trick is to show people the romantic sentiment and reflect life, song and dance elements has become an effective way, the emotions of people concentrated expresses people's positive attitude to life and hope for ideal. In the Indian film nomad, the integration of singing and dancing elements has attracted a large number of audiences. Grew up in the film describes the raz, and came out of the prison walked on the road, at this point he alone in singing and dancing, the film also adopted the raz's song as the background music, with the deduction of raz wacky, with the fast rhythm of music, but, in the heart contains many helpless and sad. The film shows raze's rather funny action performance, highlighting the character characteristics and expression of thoughts and feelings of the protagonist, which is in contrast to the later transformation.


Highly regarded Indian dance dance combines several elements in the movie, because dance movie is a kind of emotional catharsis, and influenced by the social norms, and dance film is often used to show people desire, so in the current Indian dance movie, dance and emotion, religious and desire of elements together, show the beauty of the dance of dripping fun together, let a person deeply engraved in my mind.


In India have encountered many times in the history of foreign aggression, and gradually formed a diversity of land in India's cultural characteristics, when the national psychology after a certain period of precipitation, the Indian people also begin to pay close attention to, and actively promote the artistic fields, such as singing, dancing, and gradually formed a freedom and national character of the humor humor and wit, and these are integrated into the film, and through dance this direct and quick way to convey the inner feelings, or sorrow, or joy, all immersed in the dance performance. Therefore, in the current Indian dance movies, both in the process of narration and outside of narration, many scenes of singing and dancing are added in the movies to have fun with the whole nation. For example, the typical Indian dance movie "the caravan," when the team is slowly forward, people will make full use of the empty area on the team to a lively dance scene, the atmosphere was very touching and wonderful. The leading lady in the film, lida herself, was originally a quiet woman, but she was forced to dance in a pleasant atmosphere. The development of the plot of the film content here, there is no need to delve into why a girl was not good at singing and dancing, convert the characters in the film character in India, for this, Indian films have never too much explanation, because in India in the movie the main expression is people happy and joy, as long as it is good to feel happy. Similarly, in the other's movie "ashoka" tells the story of the princess is going to look for asoka, so in the film do not add any redundant plot, and directly through song and dance to show after two people finally meet pang, the plot in images full of implicated, and embodies the princess in the process of looking for a feeling of infinite sadness inside, let the audience can not help but also for its purest emotion.


Indian dance movies are also influenced by religion, so they have a strong religious flavor. In Hinduism, Lord shiva is the general of the people of India as a dance, so religion in India, Lord shiva is not only the Indian people worship god in the heart, is also a famous dancer. It can be said that India is a sacred place of religion. The local people all worship the doctrine, among which hindus occupy a large proportion. So the people in the process of sacrifice and worship the gods, often with the help of dance through this phenomenon widely promoted, so in the life of people, often dance in droves to reflect his respect for life and worship of the gods, and when these habits in the movie show, also highlights the Indian people dance to express a positive attitude towards life. In the current Indian dance movies, many of the dance scene are the elements of classical and modern tide together, mainly express the two aspects of meaning, one is the display of modern dance skills of the people of India, to get incisively and vividly show in the movie; The second is that the Indian people actively spread their classical dance through the film media. In the Indian classical dance, for example, is the famous "dance" brahman, due to it and worship together, so the whole dance moves also appears relatively complex, and every action of them have been deeply engraved on the special meaning of the Indian culture and religion, but classical dance in India still won the love of the masses.


In Indian classical art is a famous work "the theory of dance" to the further development of Indian dance provides a theoretical guidance, although the theory of "dance" are not all in the dance, but it is a combination of a variety of art of society, such as art, sculpture art all included in it, which it expounds the most important point is "taste" and "love", in fact, people in the life of a total of eight kinds of flavor, so India's dance of life with the flesh and other elements together, and implanted to the content of the theme of the movie. Throughout the development of Indian films, because the Indian film is strict censorship, and once suffered restrictions, so India movie lust for aspects of strict control, so the time of the performance in the Indian films are pure beauty. As one of the eight flavour, but passion is also the symbol of the Hindu of Vishnu, and hindus to shiva is also very respect, so make the people of India in the subconscious think lust is gods thick, so in Indian society art, such as sculpture, often give expression to lust. But in Indian movies, the Indian people still skillfully use the art form of dance to show the passion that cannot be expressed in words in movies. Even at the gatherings of the Indian people, they express their inner thoughts through dancing and talking body language. In song and dance movie "ashoka", for example, the hero ashoka was done by your imagination and the princess and dance scene, one of the wonderful clips, plus the use of props such as smoke, fire, created a visual feast for the audience, although the flesh and dance together, but still let a person feel a kind of pure beauty in it.


In a word, Indian musical and musical films have developed to this day and still have unique attraction and artistic charm, reaching almost to the heart of the world audience. Indian singing and dancing movies have also spread all over the world, giving people a taste of India's different national customs. At the same time, people are infected by the Indian dance, for their spiritual eyes, swaying posture, and deeply attracted by the modelling of gentle and lovely, so that people are more used to this simple pleasures, to inspire people to love life. For the people of India, dance represents the passion and loyalty in their lives. Moreover, dance is not only an art form, but also integrated with the worship of religion. The profound influence of Indian song and dance art is not only for the Indian people, but also for the whole world.