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Paper范文:About dance art 2018-07-11

Fanessay下面给大家分享一篇paper范文--About dance art,本篇文章阐述的内容是关于舞蹈艺术方面的,可以供同学们了解下。舞蹈是种形体的艺术,是通过艺术化的肢体语言表达和交流的,是以人体作为表演中介的动态艺术。舞蹈艺术中最基本的语言便是动作。在舞蹈艺术的特定的情境中,动作的姿态、力度、节奏和情感强度是体现的情感倾向,还有动作在运动中的“力效”,这在音乐和舞美等这些手段配合下,能表现出不同的情感,塑造出不相同的人物性格。

Dance is a kind of body art. It expresses and communicates emotion through artistic body language. Through the language of dance and the overall dancing image, the dance art image reveals an inner life, emotion, soul, wind, bone and spirit, which is what we call the artistic works.


Dance is a kind of body art. It expresses and communicates emotion through artistic body language. Since ancient times, dance has been of great significance to human beings. It is an indispensable art form in human society.


Movement is the most basic language of dance art. In the dance art as a specific context, a movement posture, rhythm, speed, spatial direction and action and emotional intensity of the emotional tendencies, and "force" in the campaign, in cooperation with a variety of means such as music, stage, the can show different emotions, shape different character image, show numerous complex mood and emotional conflicts, the dance art in the ups and downs of continuous display content, emotional performance figures, creating vivid and distinctive dance art as, shape beauty, mobile beauty, emotion beauty appreciation value.


I feel that dance is a reflection form of the objective world, with certain personality and changes. In terms of artistic methods, it originates from the psychology and appears in the form, which is the high unity of the mind and the form. To be sure, recognize the physical and mental functions that produce the feeling of dancing, and recognize the performance qualities and skills that constitute the feeling of dancing. They must be based on solid life, scientific training and practice, and various cultural and artistic qualities.


The dance performance requires to be simple instead of complex, paying attention to vivid expression of the spirit, that is, to emphasize the external image through the creation of the inner divine charm, to express the theme of the chest feelings. From the overall pursuit, implicit implication, the pursuit of spiritual likeness, attention to the public display of the character's soul and emotion, attention to the overall effect of divinity freehand. The height of the virtual action performance on action beautify and fully express feelings, create a plot to stage environment and atmosphere, make a dance show more freedom, expanding the area of performance life, beyond the "reality" in the right eye, constructed infinite "empty", to create a detached, empty spirit, of primitive simplicity, elegant aesthetic realm. Prominent feature is the means of expression exaggeration, deformation, pursuit of artistic truth, above often form, to arouse the audience's imagination, common to complete the creation of the aesthetic images, thus has the unique artistic charm.


Through the language of dance and the overall dancing image, the dance art image reveals an inner life, emotion, soul, wind, bone and spirit, which is what we call the artistic works. Excellent aesthetic art like should have the connotation of profound more meaningful than the artistic image itself, the connotation is good dance art as through vivid and moving artistic image, convey the theme, it is more than the theme thought metaphysical things, is beyond the language of one is not words but meanings beyond words like, natural reservation, cat was wonderful enlightenment, carefree god will, continuous is endless aftertaste endless philosophy and poetry, it is also a good dance, art like has the root cause of the immortal artistic charm.


In terms of the author, in what I taught students, there are some students had a "hump" original "pick my chest" "shoulder" and other bad habits, I always pay attention to remind them in the dance education consciously change this bad habit. After a period of training, their habit can be effectively corrected. Students who have been trained in dance are characterized by good manners and good manners. This kind of form characteristic and makes them feel good, confident and optimistic, lay a foundation for their later correctly treat people, after a dance training students, can let a person feel them straight up, generous and bright beautiful temperament, lively form helps to cultivate and improve the students' national self-confidence, stimulate the sense of national pride.


By mobilizing various psychological and physiological functions such as human body movements, expressions, gestures and emotional inner experience, dance provides students with space for aesthetic appreciation and aesthetic creation. Dance with its unique way of teaching in music, can be subtle, so that students are used to loving all the good things in the world, hate all false, evil, ugly behavior. You can see the colorful world through the concrete images of dancing. To know truth, kindness and beauty, so as to cultivate students to feel beauty. The ability to appreciate beauty and pursue it. For a long time, in the us you, traditional education idea, often one-sided emphasis on the students "obedient" static ", "" lovely" and paid little attention to cultivate the students' ability of dynamic aesthetic feeling and action model. Therefore, in emphasizing the transition from education to quality education, we should pay special attention to giving full play to the unique advantages of education in cultivating a sound new generation of appearance and inner quality.


The artistic conception of dance mainly refers to the image system of the combination of the situation and the reality and the aesthetic imagination space induced and developed by the lyrical dance art images. Artistic conception is the structural feature of artistic conception. Realistic environment refers to the vivid, realistic expression of the scene, shape, and environment, that is, "as in the present" "image. Virtual environment refers to the space of imagination triggered by reality. On the one hand, it is the extension and expansion of the original image in association. , on the other hand, refers to the imagination with triggered by representational and to awaken to appreciate and love, god, meaning "like" the implied ", its implication culvert, implied, only understanding, not straight Chen. Virtual environment is the sublimation of real environment, which reflects the intention and purpose of creating real environment, reflects the artistic taste and aesthetic effect of the whole artistic conception, and occupies the position of soul and commander, "intangible as tangible". However, no matter how good the virtual environment is, it must be realized in the concrete manifestation of the real environment. "the real environment forces the divine environment to be born", "the tangible environment is not formed", and the virtual environment must be created through the real environment. Has the features of artistic creation, artistic conception creation and sentiment, the combination of landscape art, "scene heartless not hair, feeling no scene not born", "emotion and scene, scene and emotion", the artistic conception is the scene hides in the affection, love see view and creation in the scene. In the words of a thousand men, "love and scene are called two, but they must not be separated. God is great to the poet. What is more, what is more, what is more, what is more, what is more, what is more, what is more, what is more. The same is true of dance art. Lasting appeal is boundless, it is the aesthetic characteristic of artistic conception. "Lasting appeal" refers to the inexhaustible meaningful meaning and comprehensive aesthetic effect contained in the artistic conception.


Artistic conception is the multi-level, integral, dynamic and spatial image created by the creative subject and the appreciation subject, and it is the product of the author's heart and mind. The creation of artistic subject is the basis and premise of artistic conception creation, while the re-creation of appreciative subject in acceptance is the reproduction, derivation and deepening of artistic conception creation. The whole symbol of artistic conception is ambiguous. Creative personality, pioneering creation and appreciation subject personality and appreciate the differences between times, forming the same artistic conception, historical background in the era of create and recreate the implication of variability. The same art, artistic conception can give out a variety of different interpretations, thus forming the polysemy of artistic conception. The creation of artistic conception beauty is a deliberate aesthetic pursuit of aspiring dance artists.


There is, the dance art as the beauty of the three levels of relatively independent significance, each level has its own aesthetic value, in the dance art as levels, any art must have a language and artistic image of these two layers. Meaning, not every artistic image has. There is, and not every appreciator is aware of, a difference in depth and breadth. Some dance art as, or have a unique artistic language, or a vivid and moving artistic image, must be dancing with vivid language, create implies a meaningful deep implication of the dance of the vivid image structure and orderly, organic integration into a perfect whole, in a sense, such a dance art as handed down to immortality.


Dance art images not only pay attention to the symmetry and balance of movement and structure arrangement, but also pay attention to the rich changes and harmonious unification of the scene. Also with costumes, props, lighting and symbolic stage design, especially the foil and rendering of music, the formation of the aesthetic effect of multi-level, thrilling great appeal, comprehensive embody various dance beautiful. Through repeated taste of dance beauty in many aspects, appreciators will accumulate aesthetic experience and enhance their appreciation of dance beauty.