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Paper范文:Contemporary capitalist development 2018-10-08

Fanessay下面整理了一篇paper范文--Contemporary capitalist development,本文论述了当代资本主义的发展。第二次世界大战后,资本主义国家发展迅速,经济技术进步取得巨大成就。资本主义经济的快速发展带来了新的科学技术的飞速发展,资产阶级国家发生了许多变化,主要表现在跨国资本的出现及其迅速增长,失业人数的不断增加。资本主义的意识逐渐膨胀,向外扩张。


This paper summarizes the development status of contemporary capitalism, and analyzes a series of new changes of capitalism due to the rapid development of science and technology. This paper expounds the new trend of the development of contemporary capitalism: that is, although the capitalist countries have made some adjustments in the relations of production means, they have not fundamentally changed the capitalist private ownership, the position of the working class has not fundamentally changed, and capitalism will eventually be replaced by socialism.


In the historical process of social development, the emergence, development and extinction of capitalism are in line with the scientific law of social development. The production and development of anything is the result of its own contradiction and mutual action. So, in the tendency of changes in the development of the contemporary capitalism we should start from the objective facts and conditions, using scientific analysis and understanding of physical approach to the development trend of contemporary capitalist economy with a scientific and reasonable understanding, finally find out the fundamental reasons and influencing factors of its development, always adhere to the socialist society of the great ideal, unswervingly take the socialist road.


After the second world war, the capitalist countries developed rapidly and made great achievements under the rapid progress of economy and science and technology.


The rapid rise of modern science and technology provides strong technical support for the rapid development of western capitalism and opens up broad space for its future development. This series of progress and development promoted the global economic connection and made the technology widely spread throughout the world.


Due to the progress of production technology and the gradual improvement of production efficiency, the mass concentration of capital has strengthened the influence and control of monopoly capitalist economy on production and life.


The rapid development of capitalist economy leads to the rapid progress of new science and technology, and many changes have taken place in the country of the bourgeoisie, mainly reflected in the emergence of transnational capital, rapid development and expansion, continuous increase of unemployment, and the growing awareness of the outward expansion of capitalism.


On the basis of the development of capitalist economy, the political status of the bourgeoisie and the increasing imbalance of rights and interests in various aspects are mainly reflected in the intensification of social contradictions. Due to the continuous consolidation and expansion of the nature of capitalism and the social system, the gap between the rich and the poor in the world has been greatly aggravated. The contradictions of capitalism with severe polarization have been deepened and intensified, which has caused the contradictions of various economic organizations or interest groups in the world to expand. Therefore, the unlimited expansion of capitalist production on the global scale has caused chaos in the consumer market and had a great impact on the occurrence of economic crisis. This will inevitably lead to social unrest.


The development and change of contemporary capitalism is the necessary step of studying the development trend of contemporary capitalist economy, and it is important for the development of contemporary capitalist economy to grasp the basis and law of its scientific development thoroughly, which plays an important role in correctly understanding the essence of capitalism and the development trend of contemporary capitalism.


Technology is the primary productive force. Under the impetus of the new scientific and technological revolution, the contemporary science and technology keeps progressing and develops rapidly, which fundamentally promotes the development and progress of productivity. As a result, the labor efficiency of capitalist production has been continuously improved, and the social wealth has been constantly increased on the basis of the development of productive forces. To some extent, the economic development has appeared the appearance of prosperity and stability, and the industrial structure has been clearly differentiated under the stimulation of market conditions. The development of capitalist productive forces promotes the adjustment of capitalist production relations, but the development of capitalist economy also promotes the continuous development and expansion of monopoly groups, which aggravates the contradiction between the socialization of means of production and the monopolized capital system of means of production.


Contemporary capitalism makes further adjustment to the development of capitalism and the related problems of the means of production according to the reality of today's social production conditions and technological progress. Regard productivity as social productivity, make the ownership of means of production is socialized also, had made certain adjustment to production relations in capitalist system limits so. As far as these measures are concerned, they play an important role in promoting the further development of capitalism.


With the development of the world economy, the contradiction of capitalism will be deepened on a global scale. As the production relations within the developed capitalist countries become increasingly socialized and the capitalist economy develops more deeply, it will promote the flow and allocation of capital on a global scale and have an important impact on the allocation of global resources.


Contemporary capitalism is constantly changing and developing, to which we should thoroughly grasp the essence and trend of this change, which is of great significance for us to recognize the development trend of capitalism.


The basic contradiction of capitalism is the contradiction between the socialization of production and the private ownership of capitalist means of production. In any case, the nature of capitalism will not be fundamentally changed. The shareholding system and other measures implemented in contemporary capitalist society have not fundamentally changed the substantive issues of capitalist private ownership. They just adjusted the capitalist relations of production to some extent, and the nature of capitalism has not been fundamentally changed.


After World War II all developed capitalist countries in the west implemented welfare social policies, but these measures were implemented to maintain the capitalist system fundamentally. But objectively speaking, these measures have a significant effect on the stability of social order and the prosperity and development of economy in a certain period. However, labor relations in capitalism have not been fundamentally improved, and the interests of the working class have not been properly protected. So basically what capitalism does is it's all about mitigating class and social tensions. It is impossible to really raise the social status of the working class and change the system of exploitation of the bourgeoisie.


The development of modern economy and the progress of science and technology have made outstanding contributions to the social progress in the material aspect. And in the process of capitalist economic development also once appeared various forms of economic cooperation, the economic development of this kind of form, or economic development organization, although to a certain extent, contributed to the ease of social contradictions, make people made in the short term economic rich or temporary employment etc. But in the long run, these economic forms are fundamentally capitalist, and whatever measures are taken will not be comparable to the economic nature of socialism. In the period of development of the capitalist stage, only through various effective means to transfer various economic organizations or economic institutions of a capitalist nature from capitalism to social common ownership can it be regarded as the victory of socialism in a real sense. In this process, some developed capitalist countries do have obvious advantages in terms of economic strength, science and technology. According to these characteristics, they also pose certain pressure on the long-term stable development of socialist society. Therefore, from all angles, we must develop the economy and strengthen the socialist force through science and technology.


In the new era, we should view and solve problems from the perspective of the new era. In terms of the development trend of contemporary capitalism, it is also necessary to grasp the development change in the actual process of development and conduct research and analysis in the process of constant change. In the new era when the global economy is increasingly connected with each other, the theme of the capitalist economy will change constantly. Due to the development of its internal contradictions, capitalism will eventually come to the end of its life and be replaced by a new and more advanced and reasonable socialist system.