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Assignment代写范文:British black comedy film 2019-01-03

今天论文代写机构Fanessay小编整理了一篇Assignment代写范文--British black comedy film,本篇文章阐述的内容关于英国黑色喜剧电影。被英国学者安德鲁希格斯誉为“英国电影对世界的杰出贡献”的现实主义传统,是英国电影最显著的民族特色。现实主义美学传统与英国国家电影和现实主义审美语境的规范能否从早期的布莱顿学派走向约翰·格里尔·约翰逊领导的纪录片,从电影到英国广播公司四个频道都可以在电影中看到,而传统的现实主义美学在音乐中从20世纪30年代的喜剧到当代的黑色喜剧。了解英国当代电影现实主义美学的特点,可以分析现实主义美学在当代黑人喜剧电影中的表现。

By the British scholar Andrew higgs, known as the "British film's outstanding contribution to the world" realism tradition, the British film is the most significant ethnic characteristics. Realism aesthetic tradition and the British national cinema and the norm of the realism of aesthetic context can from the early Brighton school to John? Greer Johnson led the documentary film, from the film to the BBC four channels can be seen in the movie, and the traditional realism aesthetics in the music from the 1930 s comedy to contemporary black comedy. To understand the characteristics of British contemporary film realism aesthetics may be able to analyze the performance of realism aesthetics in contemporary black comedy films.

Susan hayward, in his book the key concepts of film studies mentioned two kinds of film form of realism, a kind of leadership that aesthetics emphasizes on the buzan "aesthetic" realism "advocated by the" real life "thought, another" seamless realism ", namely the use of audio-visual language, the full story and appropriate techniques to implement the restructuring of reality, the pursuit of a flowing of real effect of realism. This kind of films pay attention to the reproduction of reality. They should judge and question the reality from a rational perspective, and then completely wrap up the core of realism with exaggerated formalized appearance and overall comedy atmosphere. Contemporary British black comedy films have the aesthetic characteristics of "seamless realism". They achieve the artistic effect of "reality" by means of comedy techniques and structures that fade the traces of realism.

In contemporary British black comedy films, the films that attract the most attention are those that take the common people at the bottom of society as the main object and the life of the working class as the main content. What these works bring us is a kind of "resonant pain when we see some pictures of the film, which makes us doubt whether the comedies are playing on the screen". A take off what is one of the last century in the early 90 s can fully reflect the British social black comedy "reality", it is the beginning of a collapse of the iron and steel factory, appear on the screen is broken abandoned factories and some unemployed workers, severe environment around the factory, the original factory workers now dirty, dusty, inferior tobacco smoke filled the air. This "tearful smile" black comedy film with the style of the northern region, working-class poor life situation, and disorders of the male characters because of unemployment and performance, the comedy content reflects the creator of the past glory of working-class miss, dissatisfied with the thatcher government brings a large number of unemployed workers and utopian fantasy comfort themselves for the future.

Another kind of black comedy film is a contemporary crime film which is called "increasingly divorced from the reality of British society". In this kind of film, we can often see the real life situation of non-mainstream people in British contemporary society and the interrogation of human weakness. Like the unexpectedly successful black comedy shallow grave, it mainly depicts the environment in which British people grow up and live and the connotation of British culture itself, which is recognized and praised by the public. Since the new century, in order to cover richie director's stock and two smoking barrels "" snatch" rock "gangs and Martin ? MacDonald to guide the killer no holiday movies such as" seven mental derangement ", represented by the artists in traditional crime films, joined the new elements in most of the film is set in the corner of the city east end of London, where is full of adventure and crime, most of the film's protagonist is the mainstream of the city in, they don't have legitimate career, in order to be able to life and a better life and a crime. Who joined the gang elements of comedy eliminates the traditional gangster movie serious tensions, blurring the realistic moral judgments, these films and quentin tarantino, together with a new American gangster movie, created a new gangster creative mode.

In short, no matter how British black comedy chooses its subject matter, what kind of template it applies, or how boldly it makes fun of it, "the real dilemma" is always there. Like George Mr Toure of German expressionist film, British contemporary black comedy movies is behind the care of the contemporary British social reality.

British black comedy movies to highlight as "the dilemma of existence, the lost identity, values tilt and emotional anxiety" black theme, when the film is designed deliberately to delve into the aesthetic aspects, broke through the normal audience aesthetic point of view, with ugly people, objects and story literally created a special irrational cultural context, let the audience in the contrast of beauty and ugliness, find out as much of the black culture connotation and comedy elements.

Like Boyle, pull a bout, cover ridge black comedy movie directors in their director, film and television works, intentionally with defacing, abstract characters and story of the film aesthetic method is presented to the viewer, guide the viewers psychologically in the mainstream of aesthetic standards and the film and television content between judgment and choice, to film aesthetic mainstream aesthetic standard impact caused by the imbalance and show a black comedy and the connotation of the effect. British black comedy movies from the perspective of the opposite this understanding their consciousness of "beauty", not only did they will own the creative way of thinking or limit questions in "beauty" of things, and no scruples of the artistic image of the ugly directly to the artistic exaggeration, the screen -- they shape the "bad environment, the image of the ugly, vulgar language, selfish character" all show. British black comedy film presented in these ugly things to have the tone of intense conflict, let the viewers in the movie shown between the ugliness and the beauty of reality by comparing found comedy elements in the film, and let the viewers to comedy elements to form a kind of active critical self-awareness of behavior, further correct aesthetic standards and thought. At the same time, film noir, which emphasizes showing the dark side of society, unknowingly improves viewers' psychological superiority and enables them to feel the height of self-worth in the film. Even though the black comedy movies show on the dark side of society and the current mainstream aesthetic standards are quite different, but the aesthetic opposition and unbalanced comedy elements make films more happy feeling, laid the foundation for the development of the movie, make some negative comments can be connected together, form a more complete movie content and clues. In the process of the development of British black comedy films, directors subjectively dilute or completely eliminate the narrative beauty, moral media and environmental beauty in traditional films, so as to add luster to the absurdity of films with ugly artistic images. Although such attaches great importance to the dark side of society and social ugly aesthetic idea to make the distance of the comedy movies and real life is widening, but the comedy effect, produced the film aesthetic and traditional aesthetic conflict, also meet the postmodern cultural context viewer pluralistic aesthetic and psychological needs, to a certain extent, let the audience got recognition and vent feelings.

The particularity of black comedy lies in that "the 'blend of sorrow and joy' of traditional humor is a 'tearful smile' in common sense that contains sympathy and compassion, while black comedy develops the 'blend of sorrow and joy' into a 'cruel smile' that does not contain sympathy and compassion and is not in common sense". We can feel the comedy charm of "cruel smile" at the beginning of "take off to the end". The author will be recorded in 1971 documentary, "the city of Sheffield - forward" fragment as the film's opening, was filled with joy and happiness of narrator to show viewers carefully for a seat in large industrial city in the north of England the bustling scene of Sheffield, bright colors displayed on the screen are the citizens of ease "happy life". Suddenly, the picture turned black, as if it were all-consuming black, and the caption appeared on the screen: "after 25 years... In one grim scene, three walking dead men appear: the laid-off gatz leads his son Nathan and friend David aimlessly through a vast abandoned steel factory, trying to "find" a steel bar to sell for money. The glory of the past and the mess of the present, ordinary people and the cruel reality, the sad atmosphere and the protagonist aimless mentality formed a strong and bitter contrast. As the theme element of black comedy -- pessimism, negativity, numbness and other negative emotions, through "serious absurdity" and "witty sarcasm" to achieve the film watching from the question, with close to the brutal "comedy" only to the social reality. This film comedy consciousness of reality projection is very common, on unemployment and the family, the contradiction of the "emotional deformation laugh" through "environment - small family" schema mapping, such as the film "the shallow grave," to the last sad ending comedy processing, the traditional tragedy emotion is completely replace black film of despair and absurdity. "Turning misery into a grimace, turning seriousness into banter, tragedy becomes painful humor, which contains the deepest sorrow." Film is different with the traditional tragedy, in order to express a black comedy movies are not a pessimistic fate and constantly show despair and negative emotions, but those seen as taboo, crime or the theme of death and so on, with a humorous and ironic technique to deal with, let the audience feel the joy and the seriousness of discomfort without loss of film, realized the "stop crying and laughing" beyond the real life.

In addition, as an important element forming the unique comedy of British black comedy films, dialogue setting, regional dialects and accent jokes are also indispensable. In the comedy period of ealing, the comedy setting of "taking people by their accent" was very popular. The accent could not only distinguish the geographical characteristics of the speaker, but also reflect the education environment and social class he said. The north of England is a place where comedy films are concentrated, not only because of its strong local accent and natural sense of humor, but also because of the contrast between its once glorious industry and the now tattered reality, which makes people cannot help but have a sense of joy for the regional customs here. British film scholar Charles baal once said "America has western, northern Britain has a piece of", or bright or dark selects the "northern" British film into British films, a new type. No matter from the accent or dress up, "take off after all" is full of northern regional customs, but also the "working class" message carried by the characters. In the UK, basically formed the notion, that no matter what the speaker is what occupation, income, if he can say in all day in the south-east of the standard accent of Oxford or "BBC accent," so what kind of trouble, even if he is suffering from his respect and people will be the appreciation, because he remained on the language the features of the upper class. As the English writer George Orwell's maxim: "English class is flipping on the tongue." In addition to local accents, British black comedies are more subtle in setting dialogue, which is not to hit the nail on the head. Viewers can find comedy elements in the aftertaste, which is also the consistent national custom of British dramas. British contemporary black comedy films can also be said to be the inheritance of British traditional comedy, which is reflected in the regional style of "tongue", such as the atmosphere building process, dialogue gimmick display and ironic comedy techniques by using the film accent.

British black comedy films are solemn and humorous, which have very strong artistic characteristics of absurdity and carnival in both memory and aesthetics. Although now the black comedy art form and the current mainstream of film art forms have bigger difference, but the emergence of the black comedy big extension the connotation of the art of comedy film tension and movie, entertainment of the postmodern cultural context of the viewer and the thought of dual demand, is also post-industrial era of British film development road of the beacon. The development of British black comedy film art has also pointed out a problem for the film and television art circle in China: how to solve the problem of cultural and entertainment integration with the way viewers like and the popular film art language. From this perspective, British black comedy films not only drive the development of British film culture, but also take an important step to explore the development of world film culture, which is worth our careful study and learning its essence.