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Paper代写范文:About the Rossum's Universal Robots 2019-01-10

今天Fanessay整理了一篇paper代写范文--About the Rossum's Universal Robots,本篇文章讲述的内容是关于《罗萨姆的万能机器人》这本小说,可以供大家了解下。在卡雷尔·卡佩克的这本科幻小说里,第一次用了“机器人”这个词,并且把它的现代用法去描述一个渣人,把机器人概念化作能做单调重复任务的类人造物。在这个小说最后的结局中,机器人出于自己的意志与感情的自由渴望,然后就开始造反。就发动机器人革命,消灭了人类。


Rossums Universal Robots, a science fiction play by Karel Capek, represents the first use of the word robotas well as its modern usage which is applied to describe an artificial person and it has conceptualize the robots as human-like creations able to do dull repetitive tasks. After reading this play, my first impression is that it is one about artificial intelligence and I have really learned a lot from within.


Firstly, I have learned that humans have to take the responsibility for their own behaviors under whatever situation. To put it more specifically, the robots are forged to be a servant class for human beings and they are supposed to be a source of efficient and inexpensive labor in human society. In this way, people can all get themselves rid of the drudgery of manual work and the individuals can have more time and energies to perfect themselves step by step. There is no doubt that robot-based economy will gradually appear due to the robotsaccounting for the major part of labor force and people have no idea that those robots can even present a danger. But what is out of humansexpectation is that those mass-produced robots desire for freedom out of their owning will and emotions so that they are unwilling to be enslaved any more. Then they begin to revolt and rebel and they launch a robot revolution to annihilate the human race. As a result, all people are killed except for Alquist, one of their masters.


Based on this, a fair knowledge can be obtained that the death of all people except one can be deemed as a result of their own actions of reproducing those robots in the first beginning. It can be understood in this way that if humans do not reproduce those robots to do a series of manual work for them originally, then it wont result in the extinction of the human race at all in the end. In this sense, we can get that humans have to be responsible for their own behaviors and they have to pay for their actions sooner or later.


Moreover, humanity should be something that is shown from the bottom of ones heart. Detailed speaking, Helena Glory, standing for a humanitarian organization, comes to the island factory with the mission to free those robots. It seems that her behaviors are humane and she is showing great humanity toward the robots. From the perspective of Helena, robots have a soulthe same as humans and robots should be given freedom. However, the rest of people hold that robots are appliances working for them and robots have no human sensibilities. Consequently, the intention to liberate those robots tends to be ridiculous and futile and humansbeing inhumane toward those robots makes it hard to liberate those robots more or less. In the opposite, if true humanity would like to be conducted, then robots should be given equal rights as humans and they should not be manipulated to simply work for humans without being cared for. Also, those robots should be free to do whatever they like but not follow the orders of humans as for what they should do.


Personally speaking, this play has also motivated me to reflect on the relationship between men and nowadaystechnology and how men should take advantage of technology in their daily life. Though I do not have the habit to read for a second time, I have decided to read it again in approaching days for further information.