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Paper代写范文:The novel of the Racism 2019-01-11

今天Fanessay分享了一篇Paper代写范文--The novel of the Racism,本篇文章讨论的内容是关于种族歧视方面的,可以供同学们了解下。在康拉德的《黑暗之心》中,像他动态而矛盾的金属生活一样,憎恨暴政,并且揭露了西方文化和非洲野蛮人的弊端的,这也反映了种族歧视的问题了。他是个悲观而理想的人,但由于生活的坎坷与丰富的阅历,并和父母有着不同的思想,注定他会成为一个矛盾体,但是他的思想却是相当批判性的。


After reading the two long essays, there are a plenty of information attained from it. Achebe and Cedric Watts both are the crazy fans of the book, Heart of Darkness, while they have totally opposite attitude toward the information and emotion conveyed by the author, Joseph Conrad which is regarded as the most greatest writer in British literature. His works just like his dynamic and paradoxical metal life, hating the tyranny but not supporting the anarchism, exposing the con of western culture but also revealing the con of African savage and he is pessimism but a person who is ideal. Because the rough and rich experience of life and the different thoughts from his parents, it doomed leading him become a contradictory, however his thinking was fairly critical.


Actually, the two famous writer was trapped in his paradoxical emotion expression. Achebes position of the Conrads racism is that he is an real bloody racist. Achebe also asserts that the tale celebrates the dehumanization of the black. The reasons why he has such view that is because the Conrad was an white skin man and the theme of the entire book is criticizing the primitive and uncultivated African. They are a group of people have no right to talk, they are savages who was only looked down upon by the white noblemen. All these are the Achebes own view of the Conrads racism. However, Cedric Wattss was not the same as the latter. He hold the view that sometimes the tale offers a third possibility, that is the suggestion of cultural equivalence between the two regions. He deemed that Achebe suggests no distinction between Leopold and Conrad, both of which are bloody racists, Conrads prejudice, Achebe continues, is illustrated by the contrast of the black mistress with the white intended, the latter speaks but the former dose not , so it is clearly not part of Conrad s purpose to confer language on the rudimentary souls of Africa(Cedric Watts) .


In fact, there no existence of wright and wrong in the two famous writers, because of one word which was known to us and it is still prevail in todays world, that is one thousand of readers have one thousands of Hamlets. Therefore, there is no limited rules and regulation to measure the false of who and whom. May be their thoughts are maladroit, even could be described as literal and external not internal. But they can be forgave for they not the original author, they are not the person who produce this work, they can not really to appreciate and get the point and information conveying from the author. Hence, they should be blamed, instead, they should be praised for their firstly outstanding thoughts and position putting forward to the public. To be honest, if the two positions could be combined together, there might be a huge sum of cultural value. For one thing, Achebe thinks that Conrads racism shall go to the damn, actually, the book is really full of the atmosphere of racial discrimination, for another, Cedric Watts deems that it is feasible and possible to exist the two different culture under the same sky. The meaning of its that is about building a color-blind society (1776, Adam Smith) to hinder the feudalism and tyranny. As a matter of fact, making combination of them could be a valuable thought based on the current society development. Because of the anti-tyranny and appealing the equal-living at the same stage, this is complying with the trend of global development and perhaps, that is the author really want to show to the world.




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