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Assignment范文:The visual language 2020-06-11

下面Fanessay分享一篇assignment范文--The visual language,本篇文章讨论的内容关于视觉语言方面的,可以供同学们了解下。随着现代社会的发展,符号化的发展越来越迅速,相关的设计行业技术也越来越成熟,设计思维和设计方法都越来越多元化,并衍生出多种设计思路。其中符号设计便有着隐喻符号,交叉符号、怪诞符号与文字符号等,符号化设计下的符号广告表现形式也越来越丰富和完善。符号化设计里的设计思维是人类生活里最有代表性的特征,艺术创意作为种特殊的符号创造性时,艺术符号的创作过程是精神和审美文化的提炼过程。

Symbolic form refers to the appearance of information, can be perceived form. Pearce defined a symbol as three constituent factors, and he explained the three basic elements of a symbol from a process. First, symbolic form; Second, objects known by symbols; Third, the explanation is a symbolic meaning, and this can be referred to an object can also be a person, can be true in reality, also can be the creation of art, this symbol must make it represents a kind of meaning is related to its object, but not necessarily represent the object of all meaning, can be associated with a certain aspect of object. So where does the notation come from? Normally, when we see an image or a figure, our first reaction must be "what is it", "what will it say", "what does it mean", "what does it mean", "what does it mean", etc.


In the case of advertising, it means through the visual sensory performance and dissemination. Saussure pointed out that a symbol is composed of "signifier" and "signified", but many people would confuse "signifier" with "signified", which is more convenient for others to understand. In fact, it is not. There is a certain difference between signifier and signified. For example we want to do an advertisement, the symbol of freezer needs to find a represents the characteristics of "symbol" to move the heart of consumers, you can select the mentioned before, tang's monk image in journey to the west, tang's monk this do is forever, the characteristics of big characters, this is the lock fresh this advertising keywords, "tang's monk" image "signifier" is the constant, not old like his own, and in the advertisement in "referred to in" the refrigerator into any fresh food as "tang's monk" this symbol, still fresh, not corruption. This is the symbol of the "signifier" and "referred to" in the symbol advertising application case analysis.


Differences exist in different development periods or symbols created by various nations. From the perspective of design, the evolution process of each visual symbol is a long and complicated historical process accumulated, and has the most profound impression of the culture of the time. Only through understanding these symbols full of distinctive characteristics of The Times can we understand the core of cultural meaning reflected behind the symbols. For example, the national cultural contents of various countries in the world, the writing evolution process of different dynasties and generations, the totem copywriting of various nationalities and various art forms. For example, the symbol of "911" stands for destruction, terror and destruction. As long as people have a certain understanding of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, they will recognize the meaning of this symbol language and understand its historical role in the spread.


The traditional visual symbol is also an important part of the traditional culture, which is the essence of an excellent national nationalism. Its rational application in modern advertising design can make it glow with different vitality. The creation of advertising combined with the Chinese traditional visual symbols, advertising more with Chinese characteristics, in line with the cultural psychology of the majority of the people, deeply popular, widely spread. If the public service ads is good at the visual symbols of traditional culture and modern public welfare advertisement design combined with each other, in the form and content of advertising message, the folk custom to show its national, local and traditional, and combination of various myths and expression, while maintaining the traditional artistic style at the same time, into the international general design language and the modern design idea, can make the design more powerful spiritual support. Therefore, the perfect combination of traditional national art and modern design language is an important way for Chinese advertising design to go to the world and be recognized by the world culture.


With the development of contemporary society, the development of symbolization is more and more rapid, related design industry technology is more and more mature, design thinking, design methods are more and more diversified, and derived a variety of design ideas. Among them, symbolic design has metaphor symbols, cross symbols, grotesque symbols, text symbols and other forms. Under the trend of symbolic design, symbolic advertising has gradually developed into more and more abundant and perfect forms. Design thinking in symbolic design is the most representative feature of human life. As a special form of symbol creation, artistic creativity is the process of refining spiritual and aesthetic culture.


Mainly from the perspective of visual symbols for advertising from a new perspective and a variety of perspectives analysis, broaden the visual symbols of the research field, is conducive to the public service advertising design industry thinking cognitive guidance. Starting from the analysis of visual symbols in advertising design, this paper looks for the value and significance of visual symbols in public service advertising communication and the aesthetic feelings they can bring to people, which can also provide designers with design ideas and inspiration, and have very important application value and aesthetic enjoyment in the current and future public service advertising design field.