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Paper范文:About interaction in marriage 2020-08-27

今天Fanessay分享一篇paper范文--About interaction in marriage,本篇文章讲述的内容是关于婚姻中的互动,可以供大家学习下。在《为什么你不了解婚姻》的视频里,珍娜·麦卡锡讲述了关于婚姻的趣闻。据麦卡锡的说法是已婚人士是比单身人士更加幸福,总体上说,他们情绪是更加健康,并寿命会更加长。影响到这些事情的主要原因是因为婚姻中的互动。视频里的夫妻是依靠彼此间的交流解决婚姻中的问题,所以互动就是很有代表性的。

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Interaction in marriage,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了婚姻中的互动。在名为《为什么你不了解婚姻》的视频中,珍娜·麦卡锡讲述了关于婚姻的趣闻轶事。根据麦卡锡的说法,已婚人士比单身人士更幸福,总体上来说,他们的情绪更健康,并且寿命更长。而影响这些事情的原因主要是婚姻中的互动。因为视频中的夫妻是靠彼此之间的交流来解决婚姻问题的,所以互动是最具代表性的。

In the video titled What you don't know about marriage, speaker Jenna McCarthy talks about interesting anecdotes about being married. According to McCarthy, there are multiple motivations of being married and staying in a marriage. Studies have shown that married people make more money and are more financially stable. A happily married couple would provide a better life and education for the children. Thus, there children grow up to contribute more positively to the society. Married people are also happier than single people, and are in general more emotionally healthy. Finally, it has been found that married people live longer. Based on these incentives, McCarthy provided tips for the audience to stay happily married, in a humorous manner. The nature of marriage can be looked at from different sociological perspectives. In this case, the paradigm of interactionism is the most represented in this video.


The functionalism perspective believes that different parts of the society work together for the achievement of the greater good: progress and development of the society. The key words in this perspective are cooperationand consensus, which are exactly what marriage is about. In the video, McCarthy acknowledges that there exists difficulty for two different people to live with each other for the rest of their lives. However, people always manage to find ways to make it work, so that the productivity of a married couple turns out to be greater than the productivity of tow individual combined. In addition to added productivity, social cohesiveness is also increased through successful marriages.


From the social conflict perspective, each member in the society is constantly pursuing the limited amount resources in the world. Some people have obtained privilege over the others, which creates different social classes. With such a system established, people will only be able to compete with others that belong to the same social class. Therefore, they must find ways to be most efficient in the competition. As mentioned above, married people earn more and are more financially stable in general. The shared cost of living will reduce the expenses of each individual, which makes marriage an economicway of existence in the competition of resources. However, this perspective isnt in alignment with many other features of marriage discussed in the video.


The difference between symbolic interactionism and the other two perspectives is that it focuses on the micro levels instead of the macro levels. The most visible benefits of marriage happen in the personal level, which is the most observable. For example, increased income, happier lives, better raised kids and longer life expectancy. McCarthy also believes that only those couples with a happy marriage can achieve these benefits. Improvements in the quality of marriage are made in multiple ways, some unexpected. For example, husbands who do more work around the house is more likely to have a happy marriage than the ones who dont. Wives who are more supportive of their husbands, even if only verbally so, are more likely to enjoy a harmonious marriage than those who give criticisms all the time. It is the proper way of interaction between two adults that generate the best possible outcome for them both.


In conclusion, the interactionism is the most represented in the video, since the speaker has addressed the topic of marriage through the interaction and communication between husbands and wives. Functionalism is the second most represented perspective, as there are implicit suggestions in the video about the positive influence of happy marriages on the society. Finally, social conflict is the least discussed in this topic.


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